The story of how my laptop caught on fire (sorta)

Ok. This is off topic. Like, reeeaaally off topic. However, @HypoLord asked and it’s pretty funny so I’ll tell you all the story.

3 years ago, I was given a laptop for Christmas. This laptop… wasn’t the BEST, but it served its purpose. Travel a few years later, Windows 10 finally released. Being the idiot I was, I INSTANTLY smashed the download button, completely unaware of the flashing warnings saying, “Warning! Incompatible device!” So, it finished downloading…

And naturally destroyed my laptop. The entire thing was busted. The second you turned it on and signed in, it would get stuck in a sort of crash loop. It was like this for about a week until (thankfully!) my neighbor stepped in, who knows a lot about computers. He was able to fix it, but it was a lot slower. However, I was able to use it like that for 2 years. Until around September of 2017.

The first warning was when the fan started making a weird chipping sound, barely working. I kinda ignored it again, thinking, “eh, not important”. Ohhhhhh boy was I wrong.
A month later, I’ve noticed that my laptop has been getting uncomfortably hot. A week later, I heard a weird rattling sound coming from the fan when I moved the laptop. After turning it on it’s side, two half melted screws came out. This was where I started to get worried. Melted screws shouldn’t exactly come out of the fan. However, because my laptop is a freaking juggernaut, it still worked ok. Then the fan stopped completely in December. This is where the danger kinda comes in. A week later, when using the laptop, I started to smell smoke. Then I realized it was the laptop itself. I panicked and called my parents, afraid that it would combust right there on the table.
Oh. There’s something I forgot to mention. You might be asking, “Falcon, why the heck haven’t you replaced this broken thing by now?!” The answer? My parents. For some weird reason they INSISTED that my laptop was fine, and I didn’t need a new one. When they saw that my laptop was smoking, they finally agreed that something was wrong. We just kinda stood there when we just had the thought: WHY exactly is it smoking? To this day, we still don’t know. I think it actually caught on fire. I don’t want to find out. To this day, it still sits on my desk in the basement, still smoking when I turn it on. I have a fire extinguisher at the ready though.
You never know until it’s too late.

So yeah. That’s my story of the laptop of doom and destruction. Pretty long (told you @HypoLord) and very off topic, I know. But now if I ever mention it, you all know what I’m talking about.


Seems you’ve been (melted) screwed by your laptop! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry to hear…

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I’m just thankful the thing hasn’t detonated into a nuclear mushroom yet XD

did an update on mine … blimping laptop stopped responding … as nothing from the BIOS, removed memory, HDD, nothing dead died gone … returned to vendor … getting refund
now waiting for new one to arrive


Well, at least you know you’re getting a new one :laughing:


Well, on Wednesday the laptop caught on fire. Yeah. It got so hot, I started to get really worried. This time, I could see the smoke, which was really bad. (Before you could only smell it, not see it.) I picked it up only to find that the plastic frame started melting. So, you would think that’s it. It’s dead. NOPE!! The stupid thing still boots up even though the entire left side is half missing.


IT HAPPENED!!! IT FINALLY DIED OH THANK GOD IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH!!! Whenever I turn it on, the fan goes BESERK (which is weird, bacause it hasn’t been working in a month, leading it to catch on fire) but the screen isn’t turning on. Nothing is working. I’ve tried turning it off and on again about 10 times with a 10 second break in between, still the same results. Screen not working, fan going from a quiet wurr to Super Sayan loud. It’s honestly about time. :laughing:

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Also, if I’m sorry if I sound like a brat saying, “my laptop finally broke! Now I can get a new one!”. Honestly this thing has been really stressing me out because it LITTERALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE. I don’t want my entire house burning down, you know?

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what brand is the laptop

Lenovo (insert text here to get over 10 character limit)

ok, i do not know there policy, if it was a dell you return it and they will send you a new one.
They want the computers that catch on fire sent to them.

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It might be too late for that. I’ve owned this… monstocity for about 3 and a half years

dell doesn’t care lol 10 years old and they want it, standing policy

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Would they send me an exact copy of the laptop? Or a better one? Worse one? I honestly didn’t even know you could turn in your laptop :laughing:

If the computer was a dell and it caught fire the one they would send would the newest comparable laptop with only a 30 day warranty

So I took out the battery and put it back in AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?


EMILY spoke to you from the laptop?

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Mmm don’t think so. It just turned on. The best part is that the fan is working now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

lol are you sure … “she” is tricky and lies!!!

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Well, it did make a beeping sound before it turned on… :thinking: