Changed OS

I have to chime in here on the whole Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10… KB3097877 being forever etched into my brain…will attach for you all the accompanying image here to see!

To explain, I once embarked upon a ‘365 photo’ project - a photo a day for a year - was my intention, anyway, the second half still outstanding but, on one particular day, silly me having had my windows settings on auto-update (yes, I’ve learned my lesson on that!), this one that rolled out had me stressed for ten hours straight trying to fix but fix it, I did (taking a wild guess that many of you here might have had it sorted in ten minutes but me, well tech isn’t exactly my greatest strength, haha!). Back to the point, I had made a rule for myself at the time that every image would be taken on the exact day and edit completed before midnight and most proud I was, that despite this windows horror that occurred, I still managed to close at exactly four minutes to midnight :smiley: …a subtle nod to the event I included in the image and although downsized (the original being too large to upload at 150MG), can be spotted if looking closely, here:



You need to check its file or wait until re-run the game. You can save quickly delete a file in NMS which is useful for you.

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