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I think I broke the game twice by getting the machinery I was operating into such a bind, it was stuck. :rofl: So save often and make use of the bountiful 2 Save Slots they give you. Really enjoyed it and now I am exhausted since I have played almost non-stop for 2 days…The puzzles are really great and some I thought I would lose my mind over. How can I describe them? I really enjoyed them. Once again, Cyan has taken me so completely away to another place and so wrapped me in a story, I forgot about everything else. I will play it again. Once I have recovered. :sleeping_bed:
That’s me in the list. :face_with_monocle:

If you consider playing, I strongly advise against looking at anything that gives away the plot.



Bought and finished in a very long day, although a lot of time was wasted on some issues. I am rather forgiving when it comes to Cyan, but I honestly hope they fix up some of those major issues real quick. Issues aside, I mostly enjoyed this game. Loved the art style and amazing world they created, as you can expect.

I did however feel less immersed as the world did not speak to me as much as some of the other titles I have played. Sure there was a story being narrated throughout (although it bugged out on me for a big part of the game), the game just lacked somewhat in trying to tell me a story with the environment itself. The few items found were often repeats as well, which did not help much.

The puzzles were neat, and mostly obvious, but in a few cases troublesome and even frustrating. I enjoy a smart puzzle, but I dislike a rushed idea, especially where you may wonder if QA even tested mechanics. The crane, although cool, is a mess waiting to happen. The steam piping under the ice towards the end, was really inventive and interesting, but deserved a much better solution with the tools provided.

I wasted a few hours regardless of the 2 save slots, which did not do good to the overall experience. Still enjoyed it, being out in a mysterious world of Cyan awe, but unlike some of their other titles, I will likely not play this one again. 7/10 (assuming bug fixes)

PS: Oh, let me add that I played this on PC without VR (prefer not to think what that experience must be like to be honest)


They patched it last night. The voice bugged out on me as well. I agree with the not as immersive assessment but was so enough for me but no, not like Myst. I rate it as well as Obduction.
The crane was one of the mechanics I broke along with the Mixer in the acid. I locked both of them up and was unable to move them. Thankfully, I had a second save as backup.
The ending has a nice twist but I would have liked to seen the ending carried out a bit farther since some time is invested in feeling something for the others involved…don’t want to give away the story…
I give it an 8/10. I will play it again on Steam Deck just because…
More varied props would have been really nice and more interactions with those props. Too many repeats, I agree…and what is up with the anatomy stuff anyway? Maybe to build a feeling of unease? Which it did.


I am loving the Shrines! Last night I was near naked with only a stick, a pole and a rusty shield and facing a group of constructs armed with ice and lightning arrows…all floating on water…I used Ultrahand and threw them into the drink. :joy: It was a ‘blast’


This is great too! :joy:

Jedi Survivor lovin the cantina feel

Best character in the game. Skoova. Someone wrote nearly a whole book full of dialog for this guy. And it is delivered so well. :pirate_flag:

25 minutes into the credits for Jedi…
Amazing game and story. A few bugs. Crashed on PS5 3 times. Always at the cantina. Possibly because it changes as the story progresses…but excellent game.