[ETARC HUB]: Naming Conventions - POLLS CLOSED


We could always use a dartboard :joy:


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Hi @BronzeSolo and @itzandp,

Please see this thread for all discussions relating to the Location of the Hub.



I voted “other” for flora and fauna, because I didn’t think there needs to be a naming convention for them. I think this is a level of naming detail that many players do not attend on a regular basis.

Personally, I only name fauna that are truly exceptional (maybe 1 species in 5000).


Like Markov, I voted against having naming conventions for flora/fauna as well. Having already completed one Hub project, we know this makes it take way too long and is nearly impossible to enforce on other players. Star and planet naming is much more manageable.


To be honest I’m in favour of Other, I only name spectacular specimens.

It would be good to hear from the people who voted otherwise though.


in a solar system with 6 planets 4 moons and 15 creatures per planet 14 plants
ttimes 18 quad-drillliontrillion = unmanageable.


Typically, I never name scanned finds.
I do tend to be creative with planet and system names (particularly in a situation of a hub environment).
I lean towards partially descriptive but also I try to encompass the emotion of the place by blending into the name, something of what it reminds me of.

I did agonize a little over the system & planet names for the few star-chain locations I’ve visited so be gentle. I’m annoyed I didn’t give the "ETARC Cellar’ & ‘ETARC Penthouse’ systems better names but in my defence, at the time there was only interest, not a commitment to a hub. Anyway, there are 100s more surrounding systems to be named; they’ll blend in :grin:

If it becomes all systems go, I’ll simply post a new topic listing details coordinates, portal adresses etc.

I’ll just say now: big thanks to those members who took notice & encouraged a closer look. (A lot of Thamium was sacrificed for that little backtrack :scream:
I’m quite proud to have been a part of this & I look forward to seeing what my fellow ETARCians do with their new hub.

Also a big thanks to those who ran the polls. Awesome work! What a great community. Cuddles for everyone


I personally almost never name fauna/flora unless its a gorgeous/interesting planet. In that case I name all the animals Ive scanned and leave the plants with their “Scientific” proc gen name


Hey @Oshoryu,
Great POLL and Naming thread. I like it.

One obvs conclusion I (as a relative newcomer) take from this, is the “ECSD” astronomical naming suffix.

I’m sure it’ll be important, one way or another, for names - generally - to be “short-ish”, to ensure best visibility on-screen, in-game.
(The shorter the name, the more likely the “ECSD” suffix will appear without the need for an autoscroll to bring it into view, making it “more immediately obvious” to discoverers that they’re within “ECSD territory”, if it isn’t otherwise obvious.)