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Galaxy: Muhacksonto
Region Owvelhon
System: ETARC-Yugit-00001-GB-ZIG, Korvac
DTC: 717820
SBC: 0CA8:0081:0D3B:0013

  1. ETARC-Kinaktromem, Icebound, lacking basics, 30130253C4A9
  2. ETARC-Guesteenj-GB-ZIG, Contaminated, 10130253C4A9
  3. ETARC-Dobsk-GB-ZIG, Lush, excellent to colonize, water world. 40130253C4A9
  4. Umskyvinati, Dead
  5. Yatsuda-5 Vuiati, Dead

P.S. Yugit means Traveler


Here my numbers after 10 jumps:
that is jumping to a blackhole and going through


Galaxy: Ekwathore
System: Zeptun
Details: Vy’Keen/Nano-Construction/Satisfactory/Untroubled
DTC: 745093
Planet: Upsheng-Buze VA156
Hex: AROW:01A4:007E:0474:012C
Weather: Intense Dust
Sentinels: High Security
Flora: Typical
Fauna: Infrequent

Desert planet with plenty of cactus flesh. “Serpentine” rock structures. Bad storms.



GALAXY: Budullangr
REGION: Asistev Spur
SYSTEM: ETARC - Uslavetli
Planet: Pastels and Butterflies (CSFD)
SBC: MEGI:09ED:0083:00FB:0165
Portal: 1165045FC1EE
DTC: roughly 647,000

Lush with light showers but with heavy toxic storms
Pastel: Pink/Blue/Green/Purple
Minimal Sentinels
Low Flora and Occasional Fauna

Star Bulb

Butterflies and Air Serpents


Galaxy: Muhacksonto
Region: Xeblary Adjunct
System: ETARC-Riasaki-GB-ZIG
DTC: 3111
SBC: 0805:007D:0804:0088

  1. Nisesonirraks, Barren, no T9
  2. ETARC-Somaebvay-GB-ZIG, hot, 2088FE005046
  3. ETARC-Ifwenfwahiu-GB-ZIG, Gama Intensive, water world, 3088FE005046
  4. ETARC-Aifurmek-GB-ZIG, Caustic, 4088FE005046
  5. ETARC-Tiyindg-ExtremeSentinels-GB-ZIG, Dusty, water world, 5088FE005046
  6. ETARC-Horingar-GB-ZIG, Hyperborean, 6088FE005046

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GALAXY: Kikolgallr
REGION: Saciusat Shallows
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Yellow star with 6 planets none are extreme

  1. Port Aries- Irradiated, portal located 2 min walking distance from 2 habitat bases. pretty

4.-----I’ll add these tomorrow

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GALAXY: Hilbert Dim.
REGION: Goyanyame
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Korvax, ec:industrial//unpromising, cl:Lawless-3, 1 planet
DTC: 439,909
SBC: 04a5:007f:054e:0079

  1. CSFD File// Torrid,
    predators (not that kind!) everywhere, low lying dry lakes-rivers amidst jagged mountains, storms and dust constantly
  • w: Extreme
  • s: Minimal
  • fl: Abundant
  • fa: Ordinary
  • re: vortex cube, Solanium, Al, Cu, He


GALAXY: Hilbert Dim.
REGION: Eokawat-nijd
SYSTEM: Ripples
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Gek, ec:high-voltage//adequate, cl:aggressive, 1 planet
DTC: 368,001
SBC: 0b22:007c:0635:0079

  1. pebble // decaying nuclear, large oceans, left a message claiming for Etarc CSFD (forgot to tag)

w: Radioactive storms 9.3 rads
s: Common
fl: abundant
fa: generous
sen: relaxed
re: gamma root, Em, Ni, He


GALAXY: Hilbert Dim.
REGION: Heonagtang
SYSTEM: ETARC Broken hole
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Vy’Keen, Black hole (dosen’t work), ec: research//comfortable sell:59% buy -29.2%, cl:high-3, 1 planet
DTC: 100,001
SBC: 07f9:0080:081a:0079

Itosukihamura // baked, dusty, hot days and cold nights

When I first got to planet scans said it was discovered by xxxsephrothx2017 on 02/04/16
but the system was discovered by me, later the planet scanned as discovered by me 9/29/17


Galaxy: Ekwathore
Region: Buteter Terminus
System: Onechar V
Desc: Vy’keen, Research, Balanced, Medium
DTC: 825,145ly
Planet: Mavikuleena-Spi
Hex: DODUD:00EE:009C:0420:0035
Weather: Ice Storms
Sentinels: Limited
Flora: Copious
Fauna: Regular

Mission Update: I think the stars are spreading out. It’s hard to tell because it’s so gradual. I’m nearing the edge of what the Pilgrim Star map will show. It should get interesting soon :star_struck:


GALAXY: Budullangr
REGION: Zoqualkho Cluster
SYSTEM: ETARC Butterflies and Blizzards
Planet: 65 Days of Beauty and Butterflies - (CSFD)

SBC: GESTE:069C:007D:0271:0133
Portal: 2133FEA72E90
DTC: TBD (roughly 570K)

Lush grassy areas with spectacular barren scenery. Addicting day and night scenery and lighting.
‘Dangerously Hot Fog’ at 209F. Beautiful lime green butterflies. 12 species (stuck at 9 after 10 hours or so).
Moving up the list as one of my favorite planets. It’s sister planet in the same system has frequent blizzards. Exploring that one now.

Standard Sentinels
Scare Flora
Ordinary Fauna

Star Bulb


GALAXY: Hilbert Dim.
REGION: The arm of Iedeel
SYSTEM: ETARC Numenor Andondi
Vy’keen, 3 planets, red star(F6) EL: nano-construction//medium supply EL: Stable
DTC: 3613
SBC: 0805:0084:0804:0194

  1. CSFD Mellon/ 519405005006/ humid

W: boiling puddles (ocean world, but water is not hot)
R: low
S: relaxed
Fl: common
Fa: full

I placed a Communication Ball at nearest base 18 min away.

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Galaxy: Hitonskyer
Region: Saxcxan Quadrant
System: Ikumyndi
DTC: 4079
SBC: 0806:007E:07FB:007F

5 planets


Galaxy: Rerasmutul
Region Rizbeve
System: ETARC-Doymkar-GB-ZIG
DTC: 69009
SBC: 08D5:007F:014F:0051

  1. ETARC-Olchig-GB-ZIG, incandescent, 1051009400D6

2 planets, 2nd one is life-incompatible.
Korvax, metal/medium, critical conflict level.


Galaxy: Rerasmutul
Region: Outiiq
System: ETARC-Nuangle-GB-ZIG
DTC: 3038
SBC: 07FE:007D:07F7:0066

  1. ETARC-Bayase-GB-ZIG, Extreme Hot Rain, Oceans, small islands, 3066FEFF8FFF
  2. ETARC-Moon-Beppusia-GB-ZIG, Acrid, toxic, 4066FEFF8FFF
  3. ETARC-Zachron-GB-ZIG, Hyperborean, nice place, 5066FEFF8FFF
  4. ETARC-Uacosteini-GB-ZIG, Arctic, 1066FEFF8FFF
  5. Himaiut-GB-ZIG, Toxic, bad place, extreme environment, sentinels, 2066FEFF8FFF

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Galaxy: Isdoraijung
Region: Duhruve Void
System CSFD-Fimmotra
DTC: 705286
SBC: 01CE:0085:0804:0063

  1. CSFD-Cukhainbulum, 1063063059CF, Humic, Biissful,
  2. CSFD-Kuchihi, 2063063059CF, Tropical, Terminal on planet at Base, 11 min walk to Portal. Spent hours on planet.
    Another GREEN ACRES,
  3. Rayuguuaying, Decaying, 3063063059CF
  4. CSFD-Omaiyag, Tropical, moon, 4063063059CF

one, two, four, are great place to place bases.
no hostile creatures on two, my starting planet. all creatures discovered, plus all plants, rocks, etc.
walked for 8+ hours and no storms.


Region: Gidunap Cluster
System: ETAR-Posakit-Rok-GB-ZIG,Gek
DTC: 3204
SBC: 0806:0082:0802:008B

  1. ETARC=Humbutio-GB-ZIG, Floruishing, Good planet, 108B03003008
  2. Extreme-Fire-Storms-GB-ZIG, hot, 208B03003008

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Galaxy: Doctinawyra
Region: The Arm of Yudhengl
System: Korrekk-Beda XVI
DTC: 2977
SBC: 0806:007F:07FB:007F

  1. Lyakog-Lukup Eyndenna, Desert, 107F00FFC007
  2. Calamadeasoy, Extreme Sentinels
  3. Ikeaksumen Farg, Extreme toxic rain
  4. Licheloedko, Arctic, creatures want you for dinner.

only decent planet is 1, it has fire storms

[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD

Galaxy: Loychazing
Region: Amydamac Spur - Gek
System: ETARC-Uroisu-Erle-GB-ZIG
DTC: 3359
SBC: 0080:0082:0807:01FE

  1. ETARC-Akooitbil Aoti - GB-ZIG, Bountiful, 21AE03008001
  2. Ipacahuman Aiocha, Acidic - did not find humans
  3. Eleardigke Maiba, Fiery - Rare Fire Storms

System: ETARC-Locessund XV - GB-ZIG
DTC: 3254
SBC: 0800:0082:0807:0142

  1. ETARC-Borrarie Himer - GB-ZIG, Rocky, 604203008001
  2. ETARC-Autugara Etma - GB-ZIG,504203008001
  3. Smussetand Weverf, Moon, Dead
  4. Lesenhusasj, Moon, High Temperature
  5. Libordurup RY439 Extreme-GB-ZIG, 104203008001, Abandoned

[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD

Galaxy: Zukasizawa
Region: Ibebaek Nebula
System: ETARC-Nakwegge
DTC: 3161
SBC: 0802:007C:0806:0159

  1. ETARC-Ukuitlapuc-GB-ZIG, 1159FD008003, island world, Flourishing

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