Portal addresses for rare resources, ships and exotic planets


I hope that I’m not stepping on any toes of another corresponding initiative. Unrelated to the ETARC hub development, would it be ok if we share portal addresses of planets that bring you to the following:

  • Rare resources

  • Exotic planets

  • Systems with exotic or s-class ships

  • Economically thriving systems

I haven’t seen a reliable database of user experienced portal addresses. I went to xainesworld.com and checked out his star bulb “pleasant” planet and was quickly greeted by blood thirsty sentinel mobs. So I ditched the star bulb hunt, killed the sentinels and went back the same way I came lol.

Again, if there is another thread that is already doing this, please point me to it.


Sounds good. A nice summary thread of portal addresses (and associated galaxy) would be great!

I’m going to build on this thread to be more focused on what I mentioned above. Should be fun!!

And I would add favorite planets (may or may not be the same as exotic).

And of course distance to center might be nice.


Let’s do it Wyo.