Exotic Planets

Has anyone else noticed a difference in frequency of exotic planets in red star systems. Back when the initial 1.3 patch was released I would occasionally find an exotic planet here and there. Now it seems like every red star system I fly into over half the planets exotic. So far I’ve found one system with 3/4 planets were exotics.
I’m starting to wonder if this has anything to do with the data loss of the ARG, or maybe I have not been travelling to enough red star systems.

I can find them quite frequently on the system that you exit from a Black Hole. Almost every one of them after I come out of a black hole has exotic planets.

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A tale of 2 stories.
When I was in Budallanger after pressing ‘the button’ at the end of the story, I was finding exotic planets frequently.
Then I started a new game back in Euclid. I have only found 1 exotic planet so far. I have to add to that though, that I am exploring around my planet of origin and therefore, have not ventured far.


don’t go too far!!!
The ATLAS or EMILY will snatch you up!
If that happens you will never ever escape!!!


I find ‘weird-worlds’ at varying frequency. Seems a random thing: Bubble and virus worlds seem less common, while glass, iron shard, mechanospere and volcanic pods are all about even.
Can go 5 systems with nothing, then may find a system with one or sometimes more ‘redacted’ planets.
I believe they are indications of a failing simulation iteration but the boundary structure rings are still a mystery. Possibly gateways. Possibly fence posts in a larger containment system. Possibly portals for the large structures on virus and mechanosphere worlds.


One can only assume that the ‘nature’ of proc.gen dictates each journey to be a unique one!

  • Some have come across various squid-ships - I have only found one :sob:
  • Some have found various diplos - I have only found one :sob:
  • Some have found S class Multi-tools - I have never seen one :sob:
  • Some have found exotic planets aplenty - I had to manually travel to Budullangr to finally see them all! - on that note I even found Sac Venom on a Glass/Shard Exo which I thought quite unusual.

So yeh I’ve got plenty to :sob: about, but what a 700hr journey it has been so far :smile: !