Do Rare Planets Have Portals?

I’ve found five rare planets so far. None of them seem to have any buildings of any kind. I’ve tried to use monoliths to find portals, but when I scan for a monolith, it’s always pointed me to a another planet. So far, I haven’t found a portal on one. Do they exist?

And while I’m on the subject, have we decided on a name for those whirlygig structures you find on them?

I have had the same experience when scanning for monoliths to look for portals: I am pointed to another planet in the system.

There are habitable bases on the rare planet types, however.

On a side note, I have personally called those “whirlygig” planets mechanospheres and sentinel junkyards.

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no monoliths or portals on rare “dead” planets, you can force a base by using the signal booster.


OK, Thanks. If they don’t exist, I can stop looking for them.

They often have bases, and I have found portals on the bubble planets, but not the broken shard ones yet. I call the whirly circles ‘Iterations’, but I doubt that will catch on.

have you gone through all the 'Iterations"?

The only rare planets I’ve found so far have been dead. Even the bubble planet I found had no flora, fauna, or buildings (other than the “iterations”). So it’s interesting to hear that there’s another kind, with life, and bases. And even more interesting to find that some of the do have portals.

But what are the iterations? I’ve seen some people say they’re sentinels - which is clearly wrong (or, at least, not all of them are).

They don’t all seem to be the voice of the same person / thing. I thought at one point that they were just discarded Atlas subroutines, but the more of them I’ve seen, the more I think that’s wrong, too.

Some of the lore suggests that they’re a separate AI, existing within the Atlas, but not actually part of it - that their function is to observe the traveller, and they achieve this by being the exosuit’s AI. As the suit AI, they’re limited in what they can say, but they see everything. And it seems clear that the Atlas really doesn’t like them. That seems to be why they’ve been banished to lonely, abandoned worlds - the Atlas can’t destroy them - but it can cut them off.

On the other hand, all of the above may be rubbish.

The Iteration kzzkt are clearly kzzzkt , so I hope that explains it

I actually thought the big circles were what was causing all the bubbles

but then the text made it seem like all the sentinels were organized and spawning through them

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Did some research, this looked relevant. Iterations sound a lot like travellers:

Iteration is the act of repeating a process, either to generate an unbounded sequence of outcomes, or with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. Each repetition of the process is also called an “iteration”, and the results of one iteration are used as the starting point for the next iteration.

In the context of mathematics or computer science, iteration (along with the related technique of recursion) is a standard building block of algorithms.

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The Atlas keeps running the same program, over and over again. Each run is an iteration. Each time, it gets the same result. Each time, it abandons the attempt, and starts again.

But the “iterations” (i.e. the structures you find on the rare planets) are something different. They’re not part of the Atlas - at least, not all of them are. They’re something put there by the Atlas’s creators.

As I said, the Atlas really doesn’t like them. It can’t destroy them, so it’s found a way to banish them.

does each dead world have different “iterations”?

I think it’s related to Emily. And you left the beginning part of that one out, which was my clue.
No Man's Sky_20170909004315

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I don’t think any of them have life, they all appear as dead or lifeless planets etc.

However as @ekult mentioned, they do have habitable bases.

My pre-1.3 home planet turned in to one of the new hexagonal rare types with the lightning trees, I thought maybe I had glitched the game by earning a base on a rare because my old world just happened to turn in to one and I knew they had no buildings, but it turns out they are all habitable in terms of players home bases, but not good for much else.

Not really a good spot for a base either as resources tend to be low and rare and any quests given by specialists will send you to another planet. My pre 1.3 system was a single planet with a moon, thank Christ the Atlas! After 1.3 the new specialist missions would have sent me to another system every time had that moon not been there.

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just to confirm bubble planets can have portals, here is an address for one


just to confirm cyber planets can have portals, here is an address for one


just to confirm cluster planets can have portals, here is an address for one

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What system @ekult ?

you mean galaxy? euclid

Oups yes, galaxy, thanks. I can’t visit then.

Edit: but i’ll try in Hilbert, just to see if it’s rare planet too.