Portal Roulette

Does exactly what it says on the tin.
I challenge you all to enter random glyph addresses into portals to see where it takes you.
Can anyone find an exotic planet through sheer luck? or a planet with the most weirdest fauna/flora just by chance, if your looking for something different, try “Portal Roulette” but remember, always gamble responsibly :wink:


Been doing this with all my portals since I only have the first 6 glyphs. Even when I had one I portal roullette’d to the first portal that is just one glyph across the board. Brought me to a protal FULL of comm stations, one claims the system is very close to the centre. Someone else had marked a base.

I started walking towards it and I saw something I’d never seen before, a little green symbol with the icon of a person in white. Then I saw it move. From planet surface to a space station. IT WAS A LIVE PLAYER! I tried to race to the base it took off from but I was still twenty minutes out. As I got close they logged out or moved system, I turned around to make my way back to portal and I saw another icon for another player!! I didn’t make it back in time though :frowning:


That’s so cool!! Even tho you couldn’t catch them :grinning: