So much FUN: Finding All Glyphs on ONE planet!

As I scrapped my forever games and restarted fresh, I stumbled across the awesome work made by Pjranha and Normi1701 from the Top Of The Galaxy hub. They made a map of one planet, to find 14 glyphs! You just need to portal in (to a 2-glyph planet, yup - you need to get 2 glyphs first), build an exocraft and bobs-your-uncle! Oh, the planet is GORGEOUS with rolling hills and crevices that are VERY friendly to reckless driving!! I can’t recommend this game-within-a-game enough! Thanks to CobraTV for making a video of it! Here is Cobra TV giving an intro and Here is the fact page from T.O.G. hub.

Bonus: By attaining all the glyphs in one sitting, you also get a good feel for the lore of the game overall. The dead travellers have a real story to tell!


I’m forever grateful to this planet, and just in awe of the incredible undertaking and ambition of it. I would happily read the story behind the creation of this.

A truly selfless use of time and resources to create something for the community as a whole.

Hats off to ToG!


A little down the page, they talk about motivation-


Thanks for that @SingularGleam, have not read that before and it was very interesting.

Nice share


Huh… I was thinking about starting a new game with the handicap that spaceships have no hyperdrive for some time now (i.e. only portal hopping until you get a freighter). Looks like even that would be a bit pointless with this information available…

I don’t think placing your own restrictions is pointless, if it provides you with fun - go for it. Don’t allow yourself more than one glyph per planet or system.


That’s why our NMS community is so awesome because members will do things like this. Look at what they did for L Plays. It’s totally optional. If you want to find them the hard (normal) way, then great. If you want the get the glyphs faster, here ya go. NMS is what you make it! Play it the way YOU want to play it!


No more than one glyph per system would be a bit brutal, since you’ll only have your exocraft outside of your home system… :smile:

You can be migratory - go through portal and claim a base, go back through the portal and fly to space station. That would depend on being able to get the first glyph in your starter system though.

Honestly, for me it was just like switching the game into “single player campaign mode” where the mission was to get all the glyphs.

Since the planet is so much fun to drive around in, I literally spent 3-4 hours just jumping off of cliffs and taking screenshots, apart from the glyph hunting itself.

@jedidia just as was pointed out, all of this is completely optional and you can never just “stumble upon” this campaign, so it won’t be in your way if you choose not to do it… it’s all up to you :smiley:


Seeing stuff like this highlights the amazing possibilities of a shared world. Thanks for sharing I will be popping into this planet to get remaining glyphs and explore the planet!


I guess it’s neat but I don’t know…just as easy to simply have a grave respawn its glyph by leaving and returning to the system to get 15 glyphs and then finding a 2nd grave for the 16th.

I think the appeal for most comes from it being a mini game and way to explore the planet while obtaining glyphs. If it were a time issue, I would probably do as you mentioned but this gives you a little more then just popping in and out of a system.


@DarthTrethon Yes I found the same as what @frozenbullet7 is writing about: while getting the glyphs, I also got some 300+ of nanites from all the waypoints and broken machinery that happened to be in my path, I learned minimum 25 new Gek words (if not 35, I stopped counting after a while), and stocked up on some minerals while being at it.

For me, this was not simply about getting the glyphs, but also having fun while doing it! But once again, it’s each to their own on this one :smiley: