New Rare PLanet Types V 1.3

We’re curious as to what rare planet types have been found with version 1.3.

We have found the Forsaken Planet type.

We are curious as to what other rare planet types have been found. Please share :slight_smile:


Hello, I did find a planet listed as a Forsaken planet prior to the 1.3 update however it has now changed into an Isotopic planet. it’s name is Ehogatile SM666, and no i did not change the name that’s how i found it.


Did that Forsaken Planet have the same mechanical structures that was shown in the video before the update?

No, it was a sterile weathered planet that was barren and full of large canyons, although it did contain large clusters of those red resource plants about 8-10 in each clump of them. Sadly i never got a chance to get any pictures of it, however i will be checking out the planet as it is now.

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I believe Tropical is a new type now