List of NMS 1.3 Changed or New Plant Names

(Hope I put this in the right place)

I wasn’t that far along in getting my farm up to scratch, but I was hoarding some mats to get ready. I’m hoping you will help me fill out this list.

From my storage containers list:
Antrium = Marrow Bulb
Fervidium = Solarium
Rigogen = Kelp Sac (thanks to @capturleat)
Sac Venom = Sac Venom?
Spadonium = Cactus Flesh
Temerium = Fungal Mould
Candensium = Gamma Root
Coryzagen = Frost Crystal
(Thanks to @Shota for the last three)

New Plants:


fungal mould is poison (former temerium), gamma root is radioactive (former candesium), Frost crystal is frozen (former coryzagen).


Thanks and updated!

Also found a new material, Star Bulb (harvested from Star Bramble). This plant can be found on lush planets (Jungle).

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