Planet Descriptions


I landed on a planet today that was described as a “Paradise Planet”.

It had permanent boiling rain, and storms that would strip my suit protection to zero in 15 seconds (I timed it).

It had psychotic sentinels.

It had three different varieties of predator, two of which hunted in packs.

If that’s HG’s idea of paradise, what would they consider unpleasant? And Heaven help us if we ever land somewhere really nasty.

Seriously, though, since 1.3, some of the planet descriptions are really far off the mark.


Hello fellow Traveller!

I came across the same issue but only on “Paradise” type planets, and I can’t figure it out why.

In Honor


Yeah, playing on survival, I have yet to find a “paradise” planet where I wasn’t being relentlessly hunted by sentinels. I generally don’t visit them anymore, too hostile :cry:


Hey, one man’s paradise is another man’s …


Maybe HG have read a little too much Milton…


This is Vy’keen’s paradise! Not for weak interlopers. :wink:


Has anyone come across a description like this:


It had these things with bubbles:

Then a Temporary Moon?

With Winds of Glass?

Thankfully I did not experience the horrifying wind…


‘Redacted’ means heavily edited to a small amount of the original. There is one not far back in the screenshots thread.
Never heard of ‘temporary moon’ before. That’s a weird one…
I’m yet to see a glass planet. That looks very cool.
Saw a bubbles one breifly during the one of the quests but didnt get a chance to have a good look.
Nice pics! :sunglasses:


Here’s a Doomed Planet with Obsidian Heat?


I have my survival mode base on a non-hostile lush planet (it still has hot storms). Please come visit some time. The portal address is in the link below.


I only have one glyph so far :disappointed_relieved: but I will definitely visit when I can. We need to get a collection of survival mode bases together.


Thanks god, it was not thirsty enough to drink my ship!

I’m not sure, if it is safe to land here and if possible at all…


I’ve come across Forsaken before but today I found an Erased planet, yet to visit it though so I’ll let you know


@Traveller101 @Xion4012 @Polyphemus

If you guys are playing on Survival, it seems they stealth added a “all lush/etc planets have sentinels” feature in 1.3 to keep the heat on us. In the most recent patch (1.38), they mentioned that there is now a rare chance that you will find a paradise planet in survival mode that isn’t frenzied with rampant sentinels. So the good news is they’re now out there. Still have yet to find one though ^ __ ^


Anyone find one of these yet?


Dont think so, what was the terrain/weather like? The low variation in resources leads me to think its a low/No atmosphere planet.


This is one of my favourites so far. I can get my head around the idea of my toaster malfunctioning, or my car, or a spaceship. But a whole planet? Priceless.


My most recent one was a Crimson Planet.
Was covered in strange sea-mine looking things. Alien metal construction and dangerous looking.
Most were dead & scattered about but some floated and spun.
Looked like a war-zone with bits all over the place. scanned the same as other exotic planets.
I suspect they have something to do with those ring structures.


Recently, I came across an Infected Planet:
Lots of creepy virus-like objects
Again, I suspect they arrived via the weird ring structures.


It was the “hexagon” type, with the electric trees.