[ETARC HUB]: CSFD Address reporting


Galaxy: Odiwagiri
Region: Estleyde Boundary
System: CSFD-ATLAS-Remyachi-GB-ZIG
DTC: 3297
SBC: 0806:007E:0803:00BA

  1. CSFDS-ATLAS-Emulontro-GB-ZIG, Lush, 20BAFF004007
  2. CSFD-ATLAS-lodi-GB-ZIG, Sub-zero, best planet, 10BAFF004007
  3. CSFD-ATLAS-EXTREME-Ognumr-GB-ZIG, extreme cold and sentinels, 30BAFF004007
  4. Uduomaasu Duhon, Forsaken


In the new galaxy I moved to, not sure if i want to go on,
It is getting worse.

At least 50% or more of the planets, I do not stay on, are extreme.
Extreme extending to insanity.

One system had 4 planets and all were extreme.

I’m at number 13 in the list of galaxies.
Hmm wonder if that is the issue - 13?


Wait. Isn’t Odiwagiri the 14th galaxy? Or do you just mean 13 from Euclid?


GALAXY: Budullangr
REGION: Cochazenm Conflux
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Vykeen - Manufacturing - Sell 58.1% and Buy at -29.5%
DTC: 686,094


Planet: Golden - Water - Paradise (CSFD)
SBC: FODE: 0A3F:0084:0E4F:00A1
Portal: 10A105650240
Weather: Damp (Toxic Rainstorms)
Sentinels: Minimal
Flora: Sparse but spectacular Lush/Jungle grass/trees/bushes
Fauna: None

Description: Spectacular Terrain/Water/Golden daytime grass. Lots of water and islands!

Resources: Star Bulb/Rubeum/Copper/Heridium

Planet: Humid Animal Paradise (CSFD)
SBC: NUZIK:0A3F:0084:0E4F:00A1
Portal: 30A105650240
Weather: 219F Storms
11 Animal types (LOTS!)

Planet: Bubble Moon (CSFD)
SBC: BENET:0A3F:0084:0E4F:00A1


yes 13th one from Euclid , bad number bad I tell ya. I have not found one planet that is good for colonization.
9 out of 10 have something wrong, 4 out of the 9 have double extreme.


I’m having the same problem where I’m at. 3 whole systems, 12/12 planets. It’s a nightmare :cold_sweat: I chose the wrong galaxy to stop in.


I’ve finished my current line of experimentation, and will be moving on to the next. I have established a base of operations, and will begin moving out toward the outer edge of the galaxy shortly.

Galaxy: Ekwathore
Region: Ledresh
System: Opavola-Oberz
System description: 4 planets, Gek, Alchemical/Advanced Economy, Unstable, Sell:68.3% Buy:-22.8
DTC: 700702

Planet: Bifrost
Hex: OCEL:020E:0078:049A:00D0
Weather: Humid (Toxic Storm)
Sentinels: Threatening
Flora: Ample
Fauna: Sparse
Description: It’s a beautiful yellow planet, with rolling golden hills. Plenty of unique creatures too (will post pics).


Galaxy: Ontiniango
Region: Bawesow
DTC: 3005
SBC: 0806:007E:07FB:0096
ECO: ore extraction / medium supply / SELL:41.6, BUY: 19.?

6 planets

  1. ETARC-Zohok-GB-ZIG, Flurishing, Oceans, Islands, Storms - not life threatening, 3094FFFFC007
    only planet that is livable.


Been to the new system 3 times so far and 3 times no extreme planets.
Ya have to through Ontiniangp - warning it is extreme to INSANITY.


You’ve got me all pumped to work towards my goal of Ontiniangp. 13 is my lucky number and I want the extreme planets!! lol! But it’ll be a while…


Ya like extreme lol

BTW the next galaxy is Muhacksonto, which on the list of galaxies is 16

it appears the listing has been shuffled


Of course :grin: I’m happy to help where I can. I’m pretty far out though.


Hilbert Dimension
Hesperius Dimension
Kikolgallr - got stuck here for a few weeks till patch to let me move forward.


I’m on PS4, this list has been accurate for me so far.



11 Elkupalos

Where is this one?

Are the PC and PS4 different? And/or is there a difference in this last update?


Lost i guess, never went there, i’ve kept a list as i move, that is the list.
I think there may have been some shuffling of some of the galaxies with the update

As I progress I start a new page in my book


I went through Elkupalos. It seems not everyone passes through the same galaxies, or at least not in the same order.


I do not reset.
But I have completed the questing.


I started new as of 1.3, and no I did not reset the atlas.


lol, Emily took it out of my book!!! lol