[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD


Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it. I am currently in Galaxy 1 - Euclid on a new save. My freighter is fueled up and I have started getting my capital up! Will be pushing out today and diving deeper in.


Hello all, been a while since i’ve been in the CSFD thread. Probably since the middle of Waking Titan season 4.

How are we handling the ETARC Hub with the NEXT update?


Glad your back, Etarc hub is in a holding pattern until the bugs get fixed. I was able to get CSFD HQ, Normal preNEXT base restored today. The planet’s name has been returned to normal, at least in my save. The hub is thinking of moving, because of crashes when entering what was the capitol base in PC.

In other news i set up a PS4 community a while back. Citizen science frontier division, if anyone wants to join. Search ECSFD.


I will be joining that today thank you. Can you believe, I have yet to play with someone else!?


Hey folks I’ll be late with report, for some reason I thought I needed to do a report and the new thread at the same time. This Topic will be archived. I am trying to distill our main missions, rules and points for a new Topic. progress is slow trying to learn NEXT too. The polls for outpost are closed from last report. I’ll try to get the new topic up asap, followed by a report shortly after.

Here is the new Address reporting topic.

Sir Oops

update: those be some big emojis :man_shrugging: IDK what i did, but i like it.
update the update: I got two Leaders to reply, how about a hat trick? :smile:






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