Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


This is already the case, so that’s a safe bet.

For example, when I’ve met up with other players, I can still toggle camera mode. When I do, my mote of light changes color and freezes where I was when I launched camera mode.


Yes, but many times one player is in a storm while the other is not… not sure about the day & night but as far as I understand it each players area was not in sync with the other. I think BazGibb was asking if the game will look the same to both after the update.
My answer: unknown?


Resources, fauna/npcs, weather and constructions are currently unsynched and at least those will need to be… Considering temperatures are often dependent on the time of day, astronomical body position sync
it’s a safe bet, too.


Yeah you explained it better than me. I’ve never encountered another player so not sure how it works currently to be honest.

Having thought about it, I’m going to stick my neck out and and say that if you visit a system, that system becomes a “live” instance for as long as any player remains in it. Once it’s empty of player it is no longer “live” and resorts back to the way systems are now i.e reset, but with any player buildings etc remaining.

It’s mind boggling how complex this is actually.



Guys, when will the dreamer extraction begin on Friday?


It’s 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm UK time.

Edited for accuracy.


My friend whose just recently begun playing, visited my planet via portal first time last week. The storm on my planet followed him through the portal back to his home world, which never has any storms. Thought it was a neat little side effect of the game taking its time to fade out storm status etc but can’t be sure what caused it, either way it was very immersive, bringing some atmos back through the portal with him :slight_smile:


Hey thanks! Yea that makes sense! So it’s 11pm for me then (Europe)


Just wanted to say a massive thanks to @BlackIris, @LilLadyD76, @sheralmyst, @DarthTrethon and anyone else I’ve missed for updating us all with the pictures from the Twitch Feed.

You are all hero’s and it is so very much appreciated.



I don’t know if this was posted before…it might have been but I don’t remember it:


Hard to keep track when some players have multiple entries.


Twitch stream seems to randomly repeat pics in sequence then show new ones. It might repeat 1 or more in the sequence already shown then suddenly return to showing new ones. Very difficult to keep track.





Hilarious! Everyone wants to go ahead and make decisions based on incomplete data. :rofl: I know we are all very, very excited but, it is just a few more days…we can make it…just take a deep breath and then we can all make informed decisions on these things. :wink:


New countdown right now on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/wakingtitan:


Not new…that updated over 24 hours ago and it’s counting down to the extraction event tomorrow.


Don’t remember seeing this before: