I received the "Brainwave" message from Sean last night, and this is what he said: (A thread for really weird videos at this point)

He said, “Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Ah, Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang!”

Yes, I really did dream about this last night. Feel free to post your fever dreams you have during this livestream marathon.


I actually dreamt I was trapped in this music video with the other dreamers recently, or something to that effect, it’s kinda fuzzy.


Found this in a link from a link in one of Sean’s Tweets.


That’s really old but a really good one. I was posting that one around back when the game launched in 2016 and hating NMS was in fashion.


@MacForADay You do make me laugh a lot sometimes! :slight_smile: And I know others too!!! That was hillarious.


I started a thread on this a while back. The ARG keeps crossing over into our realities. Like the song says, I can feel the wires in my life…caught in the satellite. :scream: :smile:


I don’t know why but those creepy experiments made me think of the creepy experiment in this too. Maybe the girl is an earlier pioneering simulation of Claire. :worried:

Does this work for you @sheralmyst that link you wanted to view the above.


To address the point of the thread specifically I did have a dream that was probably induced by me thinking too much about this ARG about a month or two ago. I don’t usually remember many dreams at all but I remember this one quite clearly:

I was at home speaking with some visiting relatives when after I turned around for literally like a split second the people in the room started to vanish without a word or a sound…but then as I kept looking away from things everything was shifting around me…the walls, the furniture, and even the clothes I was wearing. As everything started to settle down I was back at an old job. But I was fully aware that something was off and that what I was seeing couldn’t possibly be real. In the actual dream I didn’t have any thoughts or ideas about simulations…what was going through my mind was that I was likely suffering some critical failures in cognitive functions that were causing me visual and auditory hallucinations…I thought I was going insane. The odd thing was I was awfully calm about it…I wasn’t really afraid or panicking or anything…I was feeling more curiosity than anything else which was certainly not a sign of sanity. Shortly after that I woke up for real in the actual real world. But thinking back on it that was probably something I imagine the people in W/ARE’s simulation are experiencing as Emily changes things around them lol.

So…you know…I’ve probably played the ARG a bit too much. :grin:


Another video not available in my country. Go through proxysite.com to fool it into thinking you are in another country. Select one of the EU servers.
I remember this song and video well. :smile:


I’ve been remembering my dreams clearly for the last week, last night I remember no dreams but had a large brainstorm before. Definitely reading into the ARG a bit too much as well but, woke up and found something that brought me back here.


I mean, my most remembered dream is one that ended up being sleep paralysis.

Basically, for anyone who plays Warframe and knows what the “Man in the wall” is, i imagined… that at the end of my bed… sitting, staring. It just floated closer and closer. I could hear what sounded like a loud heartbeat in my ears and i could barely move. I realised I could move my leg and shot it out as fast as I can. Then i woke up… the Man in the wall was gone. The room was very dark, and i couldnt hear the heartbeat anymore. I still didnt dare move but i turned my lamp on and lo and behold, the room was empty.

I dont think i’ll forget that night.


I just finished passing that quest like 2 weeks ago to get ready for “The Sacrifice” update. That was actually a nerve-wrecking quest. The blood on the walls, the voices, the background music. It was a good quest. Digital Extremes are getting good, and I mean realllyyyy good at making games. (In my opinion) I tend to reference them on this forum as a standard in how to keep players coming and how to keep the same game interesting.

I still hope Sean Murray keeps his eye on this game because they are expanding their game so much that they are entering into No Man’s Sky’s territory with the transitioning of ground game play and into space.

Heck, they even have mining now. Oh, and hunting animals and fishing.

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Hopefully it will work for you now, if you click the link in the original post. Thanks for the tip!

Interesting. My son uses it to watch Japanese videos. Still not working for this vid though. :sob:

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Try it again @sheralmyst I chose a different server from the list. Perhaps that will make a difference.


Well, I can view this one


Oh! I just realised that’s the exact same clip you found. Fantastic! Maybe Youtube are wise to the proxy site. The first clip has over 20 million hits so maybe that’s on their radar. I think actually the one you found is a better recording :slight_smile:

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ohhh yeah i’ve recieved the brainwave as well :rofl:

It was a simulation of a possible future :joy: