Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


It’s a repeat.


Ms. Noodle!

They just turned the lights on too.


Oh my God holy crap! They actually featured my planet! That’s my home planet, for now at least.


I would have written more if I knew it was going to be broadcast to the entire world! I feel incredibly lucky and proud to be part of this community and the fact that I got to be on there. Congratulations to everyone on here and thank you for taking screenshots.


Guys read the euro gamer review of NEXT it’s amazing


In reality you were broadcast more to like a hundred people…plus another few hundred at most who might have seen a screen-capture shared in places like this…out of all those maybe like 50 or something took the time to read player names and the text descriptions…overall nothing to worry too much about. There were entries a lot worse than yours.


Oh I don’t think mine was bad but thank you. I just mean I would have written more and maybe had it a bit more like an in character thing. I used to write stories about my No Man’s Sky adventures. I still should…


Yes, you should. And don’t you dare disable multi-player. If ever you meet another traveler, I’d like to hear the story.


“5 hours to go,” says Mr. Noodle.


Aww! Finally together :hamster:
Ms. & Mr. Noodle


I found an error in the website…and the likely reason my submitted planet was never accepted…the site can’t cope with this portal address…it changes the two ship symbols in my address into the circular moon things(the 5th glypph, #4), so they probably thought I submitted an invalid portal address…except it’s valid in game…I traveled from and back to it during SImon’s live event…


Looks like a rendering error. Plugging in your address still gives the correct URL. I think the site is just displaying the wrong glyph image. Try sending a bug report about it to zendesk?

update: Found your submission, it made it into the database, just not the twitch stream. https://galacticatlas.nomanssky.com/poi/planet-30300498DD67

update2: Oh, I hadn’t seen the other thread yet, you already know about this. :upside_down_face: