Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


These seem to be coming faster now. I’m beginning to think we may have missed, or A&S wants us to be sure we know their profiles very well.


They do seem faster. I haven’t timed it. But- it is interesting the Dreamer profiles are being mixed in with submissions. Hmm.


…a;most like they want us to notice them…


Congratulations @johnnycloud and @gamer_123 for the feature streams, I know more people wlfrom here were featured too but still outta likes :slight_smile: sir oops and one more I think, possibly more I didn’t even notice.

What I have noticed absent so far are Hubs, they did ask for them, can’t wait to see them start to show up :slight_smile:


My phone needs to charge. I’ll do one more round before I :sleeping: Hopefully someone will take the wheel as it’s 3am here


Back to Tariq :thinking:


“…better get some sleep.” :grimacing:


Mr. & Ms. Noodle went to bed. Finally saw her going on her wheel! lol So cute!

Edit: Nite, Nite, All!!





Beat me to it :joy:



Excuse me the question: Are these Twitch screenshots form NMS NEXT?


No…they’re Atlas Rises screenshots that Hello Games asked us to submit here: https://mercuryprocess.nomanssky.com/


Now I remember! Thanks, that makes sense now :slight_smile:






Not necessarily. I would actually vote against. Shadows can be cast without rotation, just like the game at present. I think planet rotation would need to place the star in the middle of the box (=system), and possibly increase distances a great deal. Of course, this can be adjusted by faster pulse drive or an overhauled navigation system, but… I doubt it… (unfortunately, would be cool)