Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


I know, I had no idea people had done things this cool!


I had no idea I’d still be up this late, log in and see your post! I’m awestruck. NEXT looks like it’s going to be so much fun. Traveller’s are writing such beautiful anecdotes :slight_smile:


It’s not too late for me yet so I figured I’d capture some of the late night pics :slight_smile:







And good night :smile:




They’re still going 15 hours after the trailer dropped. Got a feeling that something else is coming.
Maybe we’ll start having puzzles like we did last year after everyone’s pics get shown?


Probably most likely puzzles. Some patch notes would be nice. I’m dying to see if any new music will emerge.


I’m thinking we won’t get anything else important until the Extraction finishes. Topping that trailer is going to be hard, lol!

But we still have 5 dreamers that need to be brought up to the point of extraction. We also have a lot of new Xboxers that are aware of the ARG, so maybe they will join in.

Whatever comes, it is still exciting after 2 years!


*Note: I think there was a glitch here as the stream went back to Nina


Omg. The trailer had me in tears. So, I’d say you’re probably right. But, we never know…
Looking forward to see how all the Dreamers stuff will wrap up and maybe how the Atlas Pass will come into play A. K. A. the ‘Golden Ticket’


Rest in Peace :wilted_flower: wish it wasn’t so


I had to remember to breathe. When it started all I could think of was “Underwater bases…”
I so want to build one…


Mee too! 100’s more base building material! It’s gonna be amazing :grin::clap:t2:


R.I.P. Sir