Re WT ARG -- W/ARE -- Caledonia -- My'rieha (vid)


OK, so I DID try a search for both “Caledonia” AND “My’rieha”, and both searches within ETARC only gave me
Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT) (540) & 739 …

… but neither addressed the YouTube video sufficiently, I felt.

Specifically – and especially if you have a “musical ear” – it really seems like WHENEVER ONE CERTAIN NOTE is hit, the image “glitches” to what LOOKS like a blocky under-image or … like back when “window” crypto was used – a paragraph of seemingly standard text, put a card with “windows” (cutout holes) over it, and read ONLY the words in the windows to get your message.

(To be clear, the image “glitches” A LOT throughout the vid … and possibly in a “pattern” which is responsive to specific notes on the piano being used to cover Mariah’s voice – ie certain notes create certain glitches…)
Example what I’m talking about, from 15s, in what would be the lyrics line “There is just one thing I need”, the particular glitch I’m trying to indicate shows up on “one” and “I”. (It first appears before these, of course.)

I’m just CURIOUS about it…

Does anyone have software which can “pick out” particular video frames triggered by checking for a specific note? I mean, I can only sit there with YouTube and my SPACEBAR trying to go approximately frame-by-frame, (double-tapping Spacebar in quick succession) but not really, so it’s not efficient.

Just got to wondering if the _“hidden image”(-s?!) _ may have anything in it that 's as yet un-solved…??


That’s not exactly a trivial problem… In any case, I did a bit of manual work, and from what I can tell the glitches are just rearranged versions of the original image. Might be some subtle stuff in there, but I won’t be hunting for it anymore at this stage…
Where’s that video from anyways?


I love that someone turned Mariah Carey into an eldritch god but what is this even from? I don’t recall it from the ARG…

Nevermind quick Google, here is where this madness stems from.

Very confused as to what this has to do with the ARG? If they were one of the actual developers working on a ware game then don’t read into any of that. Real developers, friends of hello games, threw their names and current actual projects in just to give Ware some more weight and make the ARG more immersive.

I’m just going to assume that this is where you found this video, as one of the listed developers using ware headset? Anything those actual real life professional working devs are making, has nothing to do with HG or the ARG.

The people who made that video made it for fun, unrelated to an actual game they are actually making.


Caledonia was a listed & weblinked “partner” (site) that i went to look at…

Found that it wasn’t much of a site at all, and from there, ended up on YouTube, and the My’rieha / Mariah Xmas intro video thingy. :slight_smile:

It’s prolly naff-all to do with the ARG as we know it, but I had considered that, with all the info, “fake sites”, extra leads, unused extra data, etc… there’s a LOT of scope for “hidden stuff” to still be out there to be found and/or solved…

Just how my head works, perhaps … >_<

Kinda thought, if there IS - potentially - anything “hidden” in the vid, if someone smarter than myself was able to pull anything from it, we might “get the jump” on any potential future ARG material. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :+1:


PS - @jedidia - yes I DID notice that several of the glitches were e.g. SpiderMariah moved sideways, or the TEXT re-positioned and zoomed a different level, etc…
Rearranged, as you noted. :+1:

… but, as I say, for ONE PARTICULAR NOTE on the musical scale (where SpiderMariah disappears), there’s a “graphical glitch” that rather looks like a set of rectangles, or a poorly-recoloured “redacting” of some text (that isn’t visible anyway) …

… which led me to think that - perhaps - it could’ve been overlaid onto some other paragraph of text elsewhere, in order to see what text is either highlighted or surrounded by such rectangles…

Random-ish thought, perhaps, but … we still haven’t got any “Closure” on
Dreamer 231187661, do we? :wink: