Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


Absolutely, @BlackIris you’re amazing. Thank you so much!!!


This should be the end of the pattern for all 12 Dreamers.


This was posted earlier on Discord




It appears the pattern is going to repeat with new Player Memories.

I have to stop for a while.

Edit:added notes


@gamer_123 Did you see that the Waking Titan livestream featured your submission?


I did mac, I resposted on Twitter I was so excited :grinning:



Any mention of VR then??


None so far, I just bought an HTC Vive Pro Kit, so I really would be quite pleased if they do support it.




I love the stories that come with some of these.



They keep posting Elizabeth’s memorial screen. I hope that means we will get a resolution to the HQ explosion. Some have been postulating that she has been put into the simulation. Not saying this has happened, but would not be surprised that she will come back into play somehow.

Also, I have been meaning to remind everyone that the simulation in the ARG is NOT NMS, but just a simulation that varies according to Emily’s conception of what the people need to escape. The NMS simulation has not, I believe, come into existence yet at this point in the ARG timeline.



Our winning ETARC Hub logo on the @chelofellow 's NEXT exosuit :slight_smile:

WOuldn’t that be great? A slot for a customised personal decal or ship badge. Decals to collect and find, left by travellers scattered or torn off in conflict across the galaxies. I must suggest that to Hello Games :slight_smile: The pitch … 'What we need is something like a Star Wars bubble gum card to swap and find. NMS bingo lol



Whooooooa! Falls over astonished onto his towel spilling his Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster :open_mouth: