Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion



Hey @SaraStarwind - here’s your 15 seconds of internet stardom!




Everyone is loudly going “WTF” “OMG” “OMG” “WTF>WTF” “OMG”
And there’s one voice quietly and almost like a prayer saying “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”






Guys, I’m going to take a break. Hope one of you will take it from here





To all those posting the screens of the stream, thank you very much!



For future reference: the image changes every 5 minutes with player pics every 15 minutes.


These are beautiful, welled up a little reading nms archeology tales. Sheralmyst how are you still going? * spies coffee drip * aaah.

Id take the helm but twitch and my phone are just not good for eachother :frowning:

I don’t know if this has been shared yet, but good news for lore fans

And great news for fans of memes and crossovers


Actually, I just woke up really early. Will need some hot tea and a piece of toast in a few. Most likely, will need a nap before noon. :smile:



ok. The 15 minute rule applies unless they show the Leighton Memorial…:weary: