Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch




Whys everyone saying no we are in the green



Simon should be sacrificed …nina is gone…or use that as a weapon say she would have wanted you to live


Teenage love takes up a surprisingly low priority slot later in life, I can tell you. I think I would be quite upset if somebody suggested that I might as well be dead because one of my long-passed girlfriends isn’t around anymore… :smile:


Yeah but if he asks about nina in anyway its going to turn bad no??



Quite possibly… Might be worth lying. Might come up any moment now.
I’d probably say something evasive like “we’re working on it, it’s not yet sure she’ll make it”.


Yikes. Better be quick on your feet during these!


Anyone else nervous! lol Good luck everyone!


Nina didn’t come up. Looks like they’re making this pretty easy on us…


That was too easy…somethings going to go bad



No, that’s the ones we’re currently working on.
I’m a bit miffed they put Toby last. Right now it looks as if we’re going to have enough time, but if we don’t, having Toby last is a bad thing.


Yeah, why are they leaving Toby for last? Who even decided the order, nobody voted on that.


DON’T PANIC! :slight_smile:


How are we doing?


I got here late but so far so good it seems…Alexander and Simon appear to be safe…but all the characters with any corruption besides #231187661T are dead.


Pretty good on the time so far. Alexander and Simon were both very cooperative.
Claire is a bit more rough going, but nothing to worry about so far.