Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch


That’s what I was coming around to. Maybe they’re like Artemis?


Whatever happens it’s becoming quite exciting hee hee! Good luck @kyle-culver keep your eyes and ears open :slight_smile: and good luck everyone else in a stream tonight. Stay alive! :slight_smile:


No. It says Subject Deceased. They’re gone.

Edit: I don’t care if this is what they do. They could’ve been a little more sensitive about it and explained the why - instead of just stringing us along- they should have been blunt and said Data Corrupted equals DEAD


Ends simulation topic with @LilLadyD76 Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! :frowning: :cry: ‘I must go now’ *crosses fingers…


Much like Artemis


sAME! I’m real sad we’ll never be able to reunite Simon and Nina


Wait, what? I just tuned in… Are you telling me half of them are dead before we even started?


Sadly, yes.


Got a idea, a wacky one as you might know from me previously. Although there seemed to be 12 volunteers, I think there were less. Dr. A. R (Spelling sucks). Was in a situation where his events showed a fire and an answer that wasn’t coherent entirely. My thoughts on the explosion are Alexander was that DR. when Tariq started the explosion and the DR. Got in a suit to save his life. The rest might convene with the good granny being the one in the same of tje family of kidnapped children. Ware might have such “Volunteers” due to this. Simon hated masks and Claire seen a monster under the bed. I think our dreamers who are left are the people who had done no wrong and the data corruption was litteral


damn, that’s a bit cold…


Alexander is on the clock.


Well, the up side is that you probably won’t kill anyone. The puppet masters have spared us that.


Wait, if all the corrupted ones are dead, what is #2311etcT still doing in the land of the living?


Unknown at this time.


Resolution on Twitch is so poor I can’t read anything. Too many people connected.


I won’t anyways, since I don’t Twitch… :smile:

Fine here. Might be your downline’s fault…


Remind me next time I’m stuck in a simulation not to get the Miriad team to help out.
Is it a cover up?
Poor handeling?
Unavoidable circumstance?
Or did the apprentice trip over tbe power cables?

Not a good start…


Probably while on his way to feed Mr. Noodles… :smile:


Its a memory test, for us! Yikes.


screen shots possible?