Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch


We should suddenly exclaim to Eun Ha ‘Oh look there’s a bug on my screen’ She’ll think it good luck and break the ice!


Current status:


Ok, go Kyle!


You got this, Kyle! :sweat_smile:


Best of luck Kyle!
edit @Polyphemus yeah the res seems to be getting worse over time.


Gain her trust Kyle! :))


We HAVE her bracelet it’s safe!!


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


Boston Museun of fine arts has a large courtyard. Remember Eun Ha is an engineer


Things seem to be going well…should have 8-10 mins to tag on to Toby at this rate


13 works of arts were stolen.


Oh afshdjsjsjs


Which ones would she like to meet


“Yes, we’re trying to get several out today”


If anything happens to the others we will tell you.


This is irritating…CLEARLY telling her the truth will only harm, WHY is he taking so bloody long, tell her everyone is bloody fine.


Sh e need reassurance she and they will be alright. Her patient files says she need guidance.


I just now realise that some people just don’t chat very often… Make shorter sentences! :smile:
Great final boost, though! Way to go, Kyle!


We’ll have her favourite dinner for her when she gets out… she love the smell of good food.


Way to go Kyle! Good recovery!:heart: