Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch


Now, is there a way to add it? I heard that there is…or perhaps it is not active yet?


What on earth makes you think that this is the end?


You can then scroll in but the actual hub location doesn’t show up :thinking:


Both @toddumptious survival mode planet and the (can’trememberwhos)PC hamsterwheel are there.


This is so awesome! I am going to love using this.

This still brings me back to the question, does this mean our planets will remain the same?


Anyone else notice on the Myriad Dashboard that the dreamers we extracted are showing green, still at 80% defrag, and their vitals are still being monitored? Oh, and #231187661T is still active.


In case anyone missed it, if you stayed watching the stream for a few minutes afterwards, there was a very short raffle done in the comments. you just had to comment “!raffle”. They said 10 people will get steam keys and will be contacted in a bit.


The planets are in the “Pre-Next Discovery Hall of Fame”

The wording of that makes me think these are just so we can remember some of the best places in the game before Next launched.


Yes. I did just notice that is says PC//Atlas Rises…
edit: too much excitement…I need to take a jog or something and work off the nervous energy. :grin:


A bit of technically informed speculation: If what we see in the image is in fact the new euclid galaxy, that means that there has been a complete and entire regen, with most of the galaxy creation algorithms completely rewritten.
It would, however, not be too difficult to manually add old systems in there. They wouldn’t be in the same place obviously, since that galaxy has a different shape, but the microcosm of an entire system could be preserved without much difficulties that way.
This is all assuming that we are in fact seeing a physical representation of euclid galaxy, not just a fancy stand-in because making the web-app fully 3d would have been a lot more difficult.


This should be a time-stamped link to the ending of the stream, 27h12m44s


I’d asume the image of the spiral galaxy is for aesthetic purposes and that the galaxy as it is structured in game will hopefully remain the same.


Remember the Mercury Process wording which says, ‘Before the arrival of NEXT, we’d like to hear your own memories, and to visit some of your favourite places in Atlas Rises.’ I was wondering if they may become historical. It’s so ambiguous.


Getting off topic here. @sheralmyst perhaps a brand new thread for Galactic-Atlas Discussion is in order…?


I totally agree. would you care to start it?


That is very much a possibility, of course, though one that might lead to some confusion down the road…


Galact Atlas Discusion (pre-NEXT) for discussing the new website :smile:


Very sorry we lost Emily ;(


PS I know where I am!


Isn’t it great! I don’t feel so lost any more! :sunglasses:


YEPPERS! I am found!