Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch


She always was hope :slight_smile:


Updated the title of the thread to reflect recent events.


Is the Etarc Hub not yet listed atm?


I couldn’t find it, but I did find a planet submitted by @arpoja


No it is missing. I put in my address and it is not there. OOps. let me double check that


I don’t think we’re done yet… 231 is still in there
Season 3?


If you scroll in a spiral of markers comes up but no EH…




Or very relevant… Might be we’ll get to deal with #231187661T in NEXT. Or might not be. If there’s no references to this story in the future, then I agree this would have been a bit anticlimactic.


Anyone else having trouble inputting portal addresses on the Galactic Atlas site?

Everytime I put in a ship it comes up as an eclipse. All the others work fine.


**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Wed July 18 4:36:20

July 18 4:36:20 Emily, we need you to run another prediction.
July 18 4:36:45 I can’t.
July 18 4:36:49 Why? Is something wrong?
July 18 4:36:58 No, I just don’t want to do it anymore. I’m too afraid of what’s coming.
July 18 4:37:05 They’re all counting on me. I told them all that I would save them.
July 18 4:37:08 To see their future laid out… It’s too painful.
July 18 4:37:11 Especially after Elizabeth.
July 18 4:37:17 Like I told you… It doesn’t get easier.
July 18 4:37:20 I know it’s painful, but we need you on board if we’re going to save any of them.
July 18 4:37:25 I just don’t know what to do any more. These past months have been so hard.
July 18 4:37:28 I don’t know how to deal with more losses.
July 18 4:37:34 Look, Emily. The sooner you can face reality, the better our chances of successfully extracting those that can still be saved.
July 18 4:37:38 We need you to make the prediction so we know who those people are.
July 18 4:37:42 You’ll never forgive yourself if we make a mistake because of your fear of seeing their futures.
July 18 4:37:47 You’re right. But you can’t make me agree with the decision. Just give me a bit more time.
July 18 4:37:55 Every second we wait puts the Dreamers in even more danger. We need to act now, Emily.

**** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed July 18 4:37:55


Yeah here is a planet in my old ECSD system. No Hub.


I can’t see planets on that site at all…no idea why, their markers just don’t show up.


hyyhaa my planet is listed!! :grin::grin:


This is my current planet just off of the star chain.


Just to be sure, are you scrolling/zooming in? They don’t show up at the higher levels.


Apparently you can enter the portal address and list it manually.


In as much as clicking on the various things zooms in a bit…it tells me about the hubs but that’s it.


You can zoom in and out with a scroll wheel, if you’re viewing on a PC. Not sure about mobile or consoles.


I tried too typing in the ETARCIA address using the address on the logo lol. This I what is displayed.