Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch


This is the only thing I’ve ever wanted since launch :heart_eyes:

Looks like I missed quite a bit… Just got done reading all 300+ posts here and there’s a whole bunch of other threads :see_no_evil: this is why one should not take a day off from this madness… Especially when the big extraction event was looming.

Sorry I had to sit it out, I wasn’t enjoying the arguing going on about who should be saved etc so I just ghosted the forum for a little while, still haven’t caught up fully but well done to everyone who helped out last night! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart:

I reckon our planets will change, but star alignment should remain as with atlas rises. Some of us might got lucky and have very little change… I’ve been charting my final home planet in the ETARC hub for comparisons sake come Tuesday. That’s my first task when booting up the new sim, assessing damage and reporting my findings to the CSD at large.


What i don’t undersatnd is why only Euclid. They made a tool for only 1/257th of their game ? No more reason to follow Atlas, reset, go to a center of galaxy etc… There are however parallel hubs in the next galaxies. With less people i agree but nevertheless.


Perhaps it will expand.


Well…yes and no…the reality of the matter is that 95% of the NMS player base is still very much in Euclid…so while only supporting one of 255 galaxies with the website they are supporting 95/100 of their player base. Hopefully in the future they expand the website…I submitted a suggestion and feedback email to the zendesk about it and a couple of other things, you can do so too…so hopefully they listen.


And perhaps someone should say Happy Cake Day! @sheralmyst


Why thank you! This cake following me around all day is going to test my resolve. Cake…yum…no…no must resist…:no_mouth:


It depends how many people will seed on Hilbert honestly


Not that many…so far less than 5% have warped 60 times…the vast majority aren’t even remotely close to getting to Hilbert.


Ah, you interlopers that are further along the simulation than me, it’s still yesterday in my iteration, so the cake hath not appeared yet.

Happy cake day @sheralmyst


The twitch chat during the live stream was a strange thing to witness. When voting started, to carry the time over, everyone in chat started voting against moving on and carrying the time over. I thought they were all trolling at first but I think they were answering to a question the streamer asked and then everyone joined in rather than reading the screen. Then at some point the spam of !no just turned into !yes.

Then near the end they started spamming, “killtoby” which I think started out as a joke about the character from The Office, where the joke is that everyone hates him. People in the chat had no idea who “our” Toby was. Then kids in there started copying each other and it devolved into spam from there.

Fortunately I think the streamers had set up separate channels to communicate. It kind of made the whole thing that much more intense because the mob was the main obstacle when trying to help save the dreamers. Also, where was Bob in all this?

Hopefully the loose ends that remain allow for another season. I really enjoyed Waking Titan and would love to see more.


Yes. The twitch crowd is an unpredictable bunch. When watching the chat it became apparent many did not even know what was happening.
The streamers did indeed have seperate channels to communicate with their groups. Thank goodness! There was a discord invite posted here for @kyle-culver who did an awesome job! It also allowed a private chat area away from the twitch mayhem. That was a smart move on the part of A&S to have the streamers chosen ahead of time so that could all be arranged.


But when you play the Artemis story you are able to end up in Hilbert too by choosing from the four galaxies (light-blue unstable galaxy is Hilbert dimension).


Happy cake day :tada:


Was just catching up on the Discord and came across some messages from @Anashel I thought I’d share:

  • Limited Edition Atlas v4 passes will be sent
  • The 1k prize money for the winner of the W/ARE contest will be sent
  • The CR abbreviation confirmed Control Room (the satcom center)

We (A&S) will do one last survey about how we can improve ourself and get your feedbacks
After NEXT release
if you have the chance to answer, that would be great


I had so many personal theories for what CR stood for:
Controlling Reality
Crystal Repository (Glass data storage)
Crisis Response

It ended up being a lot less interesting, lol.


Thanks devilin, I’d been searching the last while for word directly from A&S Post ARG, this is a huge help :heart_eyes:


Yeah but even then starting brand new it’s very hard if not impossible to pull that off in under 60 warps…you need technology like all warp reactors to go to every star type, you need to set up base and do missions for NPCs that send you off to find bizarre stuff, etc before getting the mind-ark…then you have to perform 16 jumps just because…meaning you have to do everything else in 44 jumps or less.


You are right of course but it doesn’t take that long. I just now did it in Permadeath and it took me under 30 hours of gameplay. Of course I did it more than once to every galaxy you can choose, just for the fun of it lol.
But me, I have the time to do that and the patience because I like giving myself that goal in NMS in Permadeath.


Well it takes longer than most people put into the game I think…and it was also easier for you because you knew the game and knew what to do.


Yes that’s it . The more you play the better you know how to do it :rofl: