Calling on all CSD members! Can't submit a radio piece for Alexander, but want to contribute to the 'auditory memory collage'? HERE'S HOW


Hello, this is your host hilightnotes. I have kindly been selected to organise the music mix of radio songs for Alexander. Our priority is still to get submissions for the last four pieces, but if you won’t be able to contribute that way

I would like to call on anyone with a mic to record themselves, in character, as a radio announcer, announcing the song “Cry Me a River” by Julie London. No music, just your voice. Try and put on your best radio announcer impression! But if you’re worried you don’t sound good enough, don’t let that stop you from submitting!!!

Upload these clips somewhere I can download them, like, and link it in this thread, before Sunday @11:59pm EST

These clips will be used in the background while the song “Cry Me a River” plays, towards the end of the audio collage. It will be a beautiful way to enhance the memory recall of Alexander, while including more participation from this wonderful community!

For some context and to help inspire the inner radio announcer within you, listen to this audio clip:

Memories for Alexander excerpt

TO CLARIFY, all the real radio submissions are still going to be in the memory collage! This is NOT replacing the real radio submissions, and those are still 100% the focus! (And we still need four more of them!!) Rather, these extra ‘announcers’ will be artistic flavour in the background towards the end.

Patient Intervention Thread - Alexander
Patient Intervention Thread - Alexander

Here is my terrible attempt
Bad DJ


Actually that was quite good! Nice voice. :slightly_smiling_face:



Can we chat, and clarify a few things? It’s kind of important - the posts are expiring, and being deleted.


I was looking at what he posted on Reddit and he states he will be available to do this Sunday night and all Monday. That is cutting it close.
I will be free Sunday night and all of Monday to do this task.
[–]hilightnotes 2 points 1 day ago


This is Sunday night. 10.55 p.m., Sunday, here.


Almost 5pm here. I don’t know where he lives but, I am concerned…:scream:


Boston, Mass.


Almost 6 pm there. So this event will close in about 24 hours.


He wrote EST. And the deadline to send the all music is monday midnight UTC.


Oboy. Real problems brewing.


Yes. UTC is 4 hours ahead of EDT. He has until 8PM EDT Monday. Technically 7:59 pm


So, 5 or 6 hours after UTC. He’s going to think he’s got 30 hours, when he’s only got 24.


Discord says they have talked with him and “they are sure he has everything sorted” on a side note - I also posted on reddit asking for an update


I guess the biggest question is did he grab all the Clypit files before they expired?


Well that’s reassuring. The last time I heard “Don’t worry, I’m sure he has everything sorted”, the guy in question had flown to Panama with 1.5 million of the company’s money.


Yeah, the nonchalant tone I heard in my head wasn’t reassuring lol


I don’t know. But I did.

We’ll make this work somehow.


I believe in the person that is putting this together. He has experience and seems confident!
I’m Eastern time, it’s 7:30PM.
Keep in mind, that a lot of creative types work best under pressure. I have faith that he has the already expired auto clips saved and will meet the deadline or else he wouldn’t have signed himself up for the job :wink: Cheers!


Could just be focused on his masterpiece, and will reveal when fully complete