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This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Alexander. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

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If you try to push him he just goes quiet…seems completely unwilling to speak about his mother or to the woman in the fair…the two are probably connected in some way. The most I got out of him was the bull’s name was Lionel but that’s not the keyword. Will play around with more options see if i can dig up anything else.


On AX2 putting the lamp in the basement will reveal more information of the fire in the barn.


Not getting anywhere with the first conversation…mentions two cows named Mabel and Eugenice while speaking of a bonding moment and then mentions some clowns gave his sister some flowers and made her cry but nothing seems to work…I just don’t get this guy’s trigger. He mentions ages 8-17 so maybe if we figure out what years those were?

I guess Emily’s a big fan of fairs.

One thing myself and Alexander have in common is we both have good and bad memories of them, in my case it was lots of fun rides but eating too much candy floss :blush:


During dialogue tree in second conversation press for simulation reminder immediately, you’ll get an option to mention cows and back on track


More info:

He is 83 and doesn’t want to be around crowds.


From second conversation

Think password might be “burnt hay and B…” but might need to figure out what second B word is thay he can’t remember.


I’m still trying to crack the first conversation…haven’t touched the second yet.

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I think his wife’s name might be the code. I’m still digging around in the second conversation.

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I don’t think it’s possible to get it…not in the first conversation at least…if you ask he shuts down.

Truth about what he saw the night barn caught fire from second conversation


He shuts down in the second conversation too. Ah well.

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He is slightly social-phobic & suffering from a psuedo-Alzheimer type illness.


Wow… it’s hard to find something with this old man :frowning:

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For the first conversation I imagine the answer has to be related to the fairs in some way as that’s the only emotional thing of substance he speaks of but none of the cow/bull names work or anything else I tried.

He saw something? the night the barn was struck by lightning and caught fire.
He never gave the lantern he found in his room (hidden there by a brother) to his father…
And then there was no fire?
His memories are altering or confused.

It’s like the lantern is some sort of security item.

Ohh and Emily seems kinda mean now.


the bull Lionel is for the talk about his Lamp route to sacramento