Song for W/ARE game trailer


So I’ve been playing around a ton with writing my own piano music, and I was wondering if any of you guys who are actually making games/trailers want to collab or something. I have one that would be PERFECT for a trailer. Any interest?


April 28th was the deadline for WARE submissions. But you are welcome to make more cool trailers for us to watch


Shoot I forgot about the deadline :sob: I can’t really make a trailer by myself though because I don’t have anything to show. 0 experience in coding.


Not sure if it would be useful in a menu screen possibly somewhere? @bcatrek and @DevilinPixy would be able to advise you best, also I don’t think the W/ARE part of the arg is far from over, altho I could be wrong.


As was pointed out, the deadline has already passed BUT you should keep anything you’re producing. CSD Games has a lovely team of committed people who are incorporating music, speech, and sound effects into trailers and videos. While we do not have anything in the pipeline at the moment (except for @Polyphemus) we might be needing extra material sooner than you know it.

There’s no telling what will happen in the future with the “citizen scientists organize yourselves and pretend you are indie devs” effort. No one knows if an open vote between “studios” will occur, or if W/RE will straight-up choose studios, or if the whole thing is hijacked by the Arnauld/Emily story lines, in the near future.

The way I see it, players are right now waiting for the ARG’s next move, as we don’t know what all our efforts with trailers, artbooks, and other things are leading too. So keep all your stuff, or make them available to us, so that we can see how we would be able to use it. If you want to become a part of CSD Games, give me a shout and I’ll add you to our message groups (here in this forum).


Sure! Let’s say Avian Studios got stuck in development with our own game, so we’re now working with CSD Studios :laughing:


You’re added!