Waking Titan Soundtrack!

I managed to make a soundtrack out of all the songs used during the ARG, and devided them into 3 parts.
Side A exists of the songs at the end of the PDFs and a few others that were found around the same time.
Side B exists of the songs mentioned when Emily / Loop16 started to ask questions.
The bonus at the end is the 8bit 64 days of static heard on the original disks.

I hope this music will help you aid on your adventures in whatever you are doing :smiley: have a fun listen. Time marks are in the describtion btw.


Frisout you absolute legend! I have to do some video editing so this is just perfect for me right now!


Awesome job thanks man

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Glad you are enjoying it :smiley:

Alternatively, there is the DJ Noodles version:


I like what you did with the video! the songs themselves are inaccurate tho

artistic freedom :confused: it’s not an actual soundtrack, it’s the hamster version

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Aight, true :smiley: