I've made my own cassette with lots of love, custom audio, & secret messages


Title. I’m sending a message back. In the exact same medium. This cassette goes in the mail tomorrow. For anyone who wants more puzzle fun, there are secrets to find within it. Search for it online and you will find it. Side A is uploaded.



Great idea and curious about their response. Keep us informed …

Got the download and will check it out some time soon :wink:


Nice! Tip: what’s illegible is also redundantly present

I don’t expect anything in the way of a reply although it just might make me cry rainbow tears of joy if they did!


You won’t be the only one with rainbows @Microcosmologist :rofl:



Nevadander, did you view the spectrogram of my tape’s Side A? I’ll put up a direct link to it on a slow news day soon…


Alright, today is a slow day… Here is a link to a Reddit thread where I’ve posted the soundcloud audio link! Side A is available for you to listen, and if you feel ambitious, download the file and have a look at the spectrogram. ;D



Yet another reason to despise Reddit. Some of the most magnificent efforts go unnoticed…


Yeaaaaaaah. I was disappointed in the reception. 156 people have listened to it, which is cool. But like 15 upvotes for something that took me around a week to complete… Kind of disillusioning. Sometimes I just don’t get people. :confused: