Cryptic Cyan

Cyan has been up to something for a while now, leaving cryptic messages all over the place. For those interested, I’ll post a few things below to check out, knowing we have a few Cyan fans out here who may have possibly been unaware.


Nice. That’s the way to build an ARG. That’s what it looks like when it’s done properly.

I really wanted to like Myst - but it was just too obscure for me. I figure if I can’t solve a puzzle, and have to cheat, that’s not because I’m dumb* - it’s because it’s a bad puzzle. And Myst had too many of them.

I suppose this means goodbye to @sheralmyst for 6 months or so…

*Note - I may be dumb - but you’re not going to sell me many games by proving it to me. Give me puzzles I can solve.


I enjoyed drawing maps and analysing the symbols. But yeah, Myst is hard and not forgiving when you are stuck.

Which parts of Myst did you play, Polyphemus? I played all but the very last and the online version.

It was my favourite game in the nineties, but I also recall that some puzzles were too hard. E.g. we didn’t see that the rotating tower displayed several hints inside upstairs (too many clicks to run back and forth to compare, and I couldn’t tell that a part of the wall was supposed to be an opening)… And for another puzzle, you had to pull levers down to create a configuration, and we didn‘t realise there was also a halfway position… Another puzzle hinged on auditory clues that we completely missed… I blamed us being children and not having any experience with games.

We fared better at the second and third game, but there was lot of boring walking and some hard to click interactive spots as well. :wink:

The cyan puzzles look easier, unfortunately I saw spoilers already. :frowning: but thanks for pointing them out, Devlin!


The discord invite has expired…bummer
I have spent so much time here, I am completely out of touch with any cyan/myst groups. They did an ARG sort of thing way way back in the day. It was a lot of fun and used a chat room for communication. I remember deciphering some D’ni numbers and how thrilled I was. :smile: The number 5. We needed to send a photo of what the symbol meant. I took a pic of myself and my bro, my daughter and a neice and a nephew. Did not mind posting our pic online back then…how things change.


Along with The Seventh Guest, Myst was one of the first games I bought for my new-fangled CD ROM drive, back in the early 90s.

I thought the graphics were beautiful - but I found the game illogical, arbitrary, and ultimately impossible to play.

I tried to complete it, on and off, for maybe a year. In the end, I bought a cheat guide book (no internet in those days). Even when I was told the answers, I was left thinking “How on Earth did they expect anybody to guess that???

A few years later, I picked up a cheap CD of Riven - I played it for a few hours, and decided it was more of the same - pretty, but impossible to play. It ended up in a drawer somewhere. I may still have it.

After that, I didn’t bother with Cyan any more.

It was all a very long time ago…


The Ciphers Wiki is still available


The pandemic put the new Cyan game way behind schedule. I guess they figured this would help pass the time. Would be nice if the Kickstarter backers had been clued into this. :upside_down_face:

EDIT; too many ciphers, lol. A bit much. But I will keep an eye on it, thanks @DevilinPixy for posting it! Seems to be related to the reworked Myst which I am eager to play. Specifically seems to be related to the VR aspect.

You would think I would follow them on twitter, etc…and I did for a time but, they are so politically vocal, I dropped them. That is not what I was following them for. I am so thankful SM and HG stick to their fanbase and leave all else for another platform.


Aah myst, I remember finishing the first one. I tried riven, but never finished that one.

When I retried myst 5 years back the puzzles felt easy, but I did remember a few. Apart from the auditory one, that’s nigh impossible with a touchpad these days. At least in the gog version of it. I did get it with a regular mouse.

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@sheralmyst the discord invite let me in. Try it again.

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Ughhh…it just keeps taking me to the Play Store…I have it installed and am logged in
Edit. Ok. Just went straight there and got it, lol.

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