Gaming Style

I’m curious what kinds of games other interlopers like to play and how you play in general. Here are a few questions:

  1. Are you enthusiastic about a game that few others seem to like? Or is there a game you couldn’t get into but others love? WHY?

  2. Do you game in the living room with all your housemates or do you game in privacy content to be away from the world?



Other than NMS lately I’ve been playing Zelda BOTW and lots of Rockband 4 cause my son loves that game. We play in the living room on the big TV. Other than that I just tap a few games on my phone lol :smiley:

  1. Obviously the implied answer is No Man’s Sky since most of us here like it and it is persona non grata in the gaming community at large, so I’m instead going to say I like Tiny Metal and it hasn’t gotten as much popularity as I would like.

I could never get into Minecraft myself, not enough structure to lead you to possible objectives.

  1. I’ve never had another person to play with in real life. That’s why I make friends online and watch youtubers play games.

Any game that encourages PvP. :tongue: I beta’d EVE Online right up to launch and then quit two weeks later. I also dislike puzzle-games. “It hurts when I do that thing with my braaaaain!
(anyone recognise that quote?) ;`)

We don’t have a living room, per se, but a large open computer room/kitchen area we call the “Uncommon Room” (the name predates our awareness of the one in Unseen University). We play some games co-op and some in tandem and some separately.

I usually have at least one MMO going at a time. For the last three years it’s been Guild Wars 2. This year I started GW1 for the lore. NMS is my go-to single player game, with well over 1100 hours so far. I also play a bit of co-op Astroneer with @Malveka.


Some of my favorite games…NMS, Zelda BOTW, Horizon Zero Dawn, all of the Uncharted games, and some oddball ones like Lego Undercover and LA Noire. Also indie games like Firewatch and Stardew Valley. Basically, I like games that tell a story.
Where and with whom I play depends on the game. My PC is in a study/library with lots of books and is my sanctuary. All other systems are in the den where my kids and their friends spend occassional weekends gaming non-stop. Any gaming in the den draws a crowd. I am fine with that as long as these ‘smart’ young’uns don’t start telling me what I need to do. :rofl:


A game I really enjoyed, but seemed to underwhelm or enrage a lot of people, was “Virginia”. It’s an extremely complex story about two female FBI agents. More layers than an onion. I loved it, but thousands didn’t.

I have my main gaming computer set up in the back room of my house - only because Mrs Phemus complains about the noise when she’s trying to read or watch TV.

My grandchildren are in awe of me, because I can hack into games on my PC - something they can’t do on their consoles.


BotW is brilliant, I had to force myself to stop because I was playing so much! That’s great you and your son get to hangout and game together. I hope that becomes a new trend!


Fond of the Assassins Creed series but yet to play the new one. Getting a lot of dejavu with the Arg and the second Assassins Creed what with the whole Subject 16/Loop 16 etc. Like to rip it on Star Wars Battlefront from time to time too.

As for mobile gaming, Star Wars Galaxy of Hero’s has been played constantly for ages now and still enjoying it.

The closest mobile game to NMS I’ve come across is Galaxy on Fire 2, if you haven’t played it you must check it out. The sequel was a little disappointing however.


Fallout 4 & Horizon Zero Dawn are my my recent favourite & popular games. Both were great.

Keeping with the distopian theme is Mad Max, which as I understand it was not anyone’s favourite. It has amazing graphics (better than either of the two I just mentioned) both vehicular & landscape but was let down by a silly story, unnecessarily gruesome details & the fact; the more you advanced, the less you had to do.
I learnt to make my own game out of it, where I stopped mid-story & set myself destinations & goals but avoided actually completing certain things to keep the game & locations as active as possible.
Essentially I created a wasteland NMS experience where I wander about mostly aimlessly enjoying myself surviving.
Prior to NMS I was a casual gamer & rarely one to spend more than a couple of hours in game.
These days it’s a few hours each day (or my wife is in her game which means I’m just watching) Either way, we are an NMS family.
My kids can identify a planet at a glance as they wander past.


I’ve seen your Let’s plays of Tiny Metal. I’m not sure it’s my kind of game, but good to hear you like it. Minecraft was fun in alpha stages IMO, you never knew what Notch would add to the game. and that added to the thrill (similar to NMS in its current stage).

Aww man, that’s why I like places like youtube and etarc. You get to meet a lot of like-minded people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet. :smiley:


A game that I play that not too many others play is Titanfall 2. The feelingbof parkouring around the map at top speed only to call in a giant mech from space down onto the battlefield is epic and so fun. A definite recommend for anybody willing for a challengeing FPS.

My PS4 and PotadOS (that’s what I call my laptop) sit in my basement because they don’t want video games invading the upstairs. Also a good idea because I yell a lot when playing so at least they don’t have to listen to that :laughing:


I definitely want to be that kind of parent when I’m older. My mom hates video games and my dad thinks they’re cool, but doesn’t play them. That’s why I love places like this because it’s the only area where I can talk all I want about video games :smile:


For me that would be ultima 7 (both parts) and Shroud of the Avatar. Of the latter I only care about the single player experience, which is currently lacking, but that should change in the next 2 months.


I used to game in the living room with my house mate, we each had our own TV and console, we’d rarely play together though, he was deep into warframe at the time, and if he wasn’t playing that it was Magic The Gathering.

If I had to pick a game I play that nobody else really does (that I know of) it would be Minecraft (NMS goes without saying)

I picked up Persona 5 on sale there so have been playing that the last few days.

Grew up on point and click adventures, text adventures, JRPG’s, western rpg’s, RTS/strategy/business/city/4x style sims, and a bunch I’m probably forgetting.

Not big on PVP, tend to prefer single player or cooperative games, or PVE is fine. I used to be big into PVP in my teens and very early 20’s but I got tired of competitive gaming.


Good Morning everyone !
Big Final fantasy fan here ! :sunglasses:

I grew up with the big saga from number 7 (the best of all times) and up! I have been a World of Warcrafter aswell from Vanilla until Pandaria! Got me into Mmo’s!

Since I got my PS4 I tried a lot of games that I thought were really good.
I try to always find and play independent games (even if I am not only focusing on them), I’m not into CoD or GTA or any of big productions…

So here’s a little selection of the games I recently played if you want some ideas!

When it comes to actual gaming I really enjoyed “A night in The Woods”, really good story !!


Another one that really got my attention is “Paper Please”. The game puts you in the role of a Border guard, and you will have to make pretty hard decisions on who you let pass the border and who is staying. very disturbing sometimes… (Only available on Steam)


Completely different, but interesting, is “RUINER” … a shooting like ! Post apocalyptic world where you will have to find someone… pretty good when you had a long a** day! :grin:

Completely different again but quiet good (even if a little childish) is “Child of Light” from Ubisoft Québec.
That is a game I finished in collaboration with my 7yo son! :joy:


As @toddumptious said “Persona 5” is a really good graphical game! Nippon RPG like, with looong hours of gameplay, pretty advisable

I just started to stream “RIME”.
You fail on an Island with no back lore at all, Very enjoyable with a sumptuous environment where you have to solve clues to be able to move forward.
Very very calm pleasant game where the only actions you can do is walk, run, jump and sing!

Every person that was born around the 80’s has a very good chance of liking the next game! It is Called Firewatch and really is good! Can be very stressful and captivating… the voice of the only person you talk to during the game is really immersive, guys… try this one out!

Another one that got me addicted for a couple of monthes is “STEEP” from UBISOFT Annecy.
Remeber SSX? Cool boarders? Amped? At last something came out for PS4 players, and the result (always as a personal opinion) is AWESOME. Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, aaaaand WINGSUIT !


Now the creepy one… very disturbing scenes, where you find yourself into the caracter of Senua’s looking for her lover in Hell. I have never done a game like this one… and wow. I don’t want to spoil, but the final part really is crazy … a game really like no other one. Ready to fight hard? Hellblade “Senua’s Sacrifice”.

And to finish on a very good one I name “Cuphead” available on PC and X-box.
Absolutely fantastic!

Untl then, you take care fellow Interloopers!


Loved Rime, was one of my most anticipated ps4 titles when they initially showed off the console. Glad it survived its turbulent development.

Firewatch was another instant classic for me. Still have the credits saved as a video that shows off all the photos I took :slight_smile:

Child of Light was another good one, Ubisoft were delivering some solid Indie titles during that period, Valiant Hearts was another great one from that timeframe.

Was a big FF fan too, FF7 was my first. Nobuo Uematsu is one of my biggest influences when it comes to music. Have you ever listened to an artist that used to release under the name “Final Fantasy”? It was a reference to the games and their music, and you can really hear the influence in his albums. He retired the name recently to distance himself from the games (since they have become a shadow of their former self) and releases music under the name Owen Pallett. His last album, In Conflict, I would highly reccomend. You can still see the Uematsu influences poppin up on tracks.

Dying to play cuphead, that and a few other x1 games nearly had me buying an x1, but then I realised MS release all their exclusives on PC so, no need (in previous generations I’ve owned multiple consoles from all major players including handhelds, this gen I havent really had that much time to game so limited to a ps4 and pc and maybe a switch some day soon)


haha glad I am not alone thinking the FF7 was the best one! @toddumptious

I didn’t hear about Owen Pallett at all,
I am now really really looking forward to put my hands on Ni No Kuni 2 !! I made the first episode on PS3 and I thought that the story was really good (could have been a Ghibli movie pretty easily)!

I didn’t hear about the composer you talked, but I will remedy this !

Cuphead is really funny but really really hard on expert mode :sunglasses:. I love playing it, and the music! WOW

Firewatch was a nice experiment indeed! We agree on the instant classic game mention ! :medal_sports: I am still wondering if the games contains more then one single end?

Night in the woods and Paper please are worth trying!


I have grown up with games starting from the 80’s which is probably why I have a very eclectic likening of many different game genres, NMS will always be one of my favs but since the ps2 my favourite games have been the little big planet trilogy…2 being the best imo, lately I’ve been playing kerbal space program…makes me feel like Elon musk lol but the game I’m really looking forward to this year is Dreams


**NOTE: I test online games as a hobby. I don’t get paid for it other than swag only 4 times…after testing 70+ games.

I have tested BUT Don’t like to play MOBAs, Survival, Strictly FPS-MurderHobos. I tend to gravitate towards MMOs, Adventure, Puzzle-solving. Any game that allows 90% freedom-of-exploration will be a game I’ll enjoy. I play NMS as an Explorer…I do NOT have a base, I don’t grow & sell, I don’t do anything that resembles Real-Life-Work…that is not enjoyable to me in games.

I don’t have a console…I’m strictly PC. When I lived with my ex-fiancee, we would game in the same room usually in the same game. Currently I live alone (in a 55+ age apartment) and I game when most people are sleeping…so I tend to run with people in Australia in games.

That said, I have rekindled my passion in playing D&D after being away from it for 40 years(!!). I am currently playing 2 face-to-face games locally. One game is with a bunch of Murder Hobos ("As you travel, you see a herd of cows crossing the road. KILL THEM ALL!!!>.<) The other is with older folks (younger than I) who are into the roleplaying aspect more…a living story. These games help me interact with different age groups and get different views about their lives. I’m always in Learning Mode! -)



Hahah! Me, too! And sometimes that bothers Mal, but he is very patient with my outbursts and I struggle to keep the volume down. :blush: