Hi all, I'm starting a new series

Hello all! You may remember me from the Illustrated Log Entries

I’m actually debating whether I should share this since this is other-game related (Command and Conquer) but I suppose that’s what the Off-Topic section is for I assume? If this is TOO unrelated feel free to let me know and I’ll gladly remove it. :sweat_smile:

Thought it’d be also a handy way to show off what I’ve been currently doing outside of No Man’s Sky!

Without further ado, introducing Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units

Hopefully it’s not too niche that it can only appeal to fans of Command and Conquer!
Let me know what you think!


Welcome back @NightShadow. The dialogue is too funny. Thank you.


You’re fine. Off Topic does not show anymore so I changed it to General Discussion. Carry on and good luck! Subscribed. :grinning: