Illustrated Log Entries



Love this idea! :sunglasses:


I was thinking about how awesome it would be if we had pictures for the new base computer archive logs


Brilliant illustrations .


This is awesome!!


These are wonderfully detailed, full of story and life :slight_smile:

Such a great idea, look forward to seeing where people take it :slight_smile:


“Granted their wishes,” hahaha

Thanks for making my day! :smile:


Credit goes to writer Grant Buchanan perhaps. I merely illustrated them haha


Thank you for bringing the mind pictures of these logs to life. As I read them I have often wished there were pictures to go with each log! :+1:


There needs to be more of this. This is genius.


Amazing. Great fun! What a super imagination you have. Every scene, tiny detail and mark is captivating. There are SO many little stories going on all over the place and all beautifully realised. Love the shading too :slight_smile:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love it. I believe I may give you the greatest complement, one artist can give another. :wink:


hmm now do I add this new piece as a reply or as an edit to the first post? I’m not really sure how things work around here :sweat_smile:


I would suggest doing both. Seeing the new illustration immediately in the last post is convenient for recurring readers, and having them all together in the first post is convenient for everybody happening on the thread for the first time, as well as anybody else who wants to look at them all again. Which I can tell you will happen a lot, because that stuff is excellent! Way to go! :+1:


alrighty thanks for the tip jedidia!


Please, illustrate Log Entry 729 :laughing:


:thinking::thinking::thinking: hmmm. intriguing


…rapidly colonizing.


We are Groot!


Quick and dirty one today folks