Is there ETARCian(s) who tried this game ? I had a look at some videos and it looks like so close to NMS (but older).
Survival, exploration, crafting, scanning fauna/flora, base building, an “ancient” civilization etc… Even the design for ships, base and interior seems identical.
Of course the bigger difference is undersea and not space. I’d like to have a NMS player feeling about this game.


Playing it. Loving it!
Would be awesome if we could explore underwater like this in NMS. Gets really scary as you go deeper. :grimacing: Intriguing story. I have not experienced many bugs, aside from fish swimming through my base, lol. Bug reporting is easy if you do come across anything. I do get a little lost on occassion. You spend a lot of time scanning for parts, making food and water. I really like it. To me it is a lot like NMS and Metroid Prime.


The deeps look scary yes, i saw some huge creatures on the videos totally awesome. Alpha players talk about Atlas (what a surprise ^^) submarine which should come in an update.
i’ll probably try this game during the wait of NEXT


It’s my favorite survival game. Its not painfully hard and it is in some sense fair , its diverse and has a very cool story. Unknown Worlds did an awesome job with that one and i can’t wait for the Artic DLC that’s coming.


As an outcast of the PC-Master Race, I watched the whole pre-release playthrough on the Tube (not the underground transportation system :roll_eyes: then again, perhaps millenials don’t think that way!)… One day hoping for it to land on Planet-PS4… Definitely see the synergy between this and NMS and yes the great job by Unknown Worlds!.. I am a self proclaimed ambassador for the Nomad to become a switchable submersible!


SM said about NEXT it’ll be their biggest update so far, so we can dream about deeper ocean, new submersible vehicle.

Subnautica and NMS bases are very similar


Nice base! I built in the shallows because I was too scared to go any deeper. :roll_eyes:


I often heard at the time the Foundation update was released that Hello Games simply copied the building style of Subnautica. Well, now I know what they meant. Not to say this is a bad thing, on the contrary. I like it.

About the game itself … I’m definitely gonna give it a try at some point in the future, maybe once it goes on sale. Also, VR is a thing I’d love to try in that game.

I also read some reviews that were like “This is what No Man’s Sky should’ve been!”. Might be true, but the world of Subnautica is one small crater biome on only one planet, while No Man’s Sky … well, you get the idea. Not really that comparable in that sense.


No we can’t compare, the play-ground 's size isn’t the same :stuck_out_tongue: This game stayed 2 or 3 years in “alpha” so the studio had the feedback from preorder players, what HG didn’t do because they wanted to sale a finished game (but maybe SONY pushed them too hard…).
And Subnautica isn’t procedural.

@sheralmyst that’s not my base, just an exemple to show how it’s similar with NMS design :wink: As we can build many bases i think i’ll build 2 ou 3. One at 100m, another one close to an island (for food mainly) and another deeper. If i take my time like with NMS that’s not tomorrow i’ll have them :joy: I don’t know if i’m more an explorer or a tourist.


I actually did not think about building more than 1 base.
The tree with the edible fruit can be planted inside your base and once you have the water maker you will have more salt than you could ever need for fish.
One thing I like in this game is the ‘weight’ you feel when on dry land. After spending so much time gliding through the water, walking feels like a chore. :tropical_fish:


Did you take your palms off ? I don’t know if it makes a difference (and if devs code it) but running with palms is propably not the easiest way ^^


A really good indie space survival game is Starbound. It’s on Steam for I think $15. It’s like mixing NMS and Terraria together. It’s all procedurally generated, there are tons of weapons, boss fights, and an AMAZING soundtrack. One of my favorite games of all time.



Live in 50 minutes…noon Central time


Not exactly a smooth launch on Steam. They forgot the exe. It is now fixed. Restart Steam and Below Zero should begin download. 4.2GB


Outch! I keep wondering what awful pipeline tools steam must have for this to even be a possibility. For what essentially amounts to a deployment platform, you’d expect there to be at least some build validation. Or at least an official jenkins plugin, or something.



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