Let's create an indie dev studio!

Based on an idea in the main thread, I thought I’d create a new one with the purpose of coming together as a “CSD team of developers”. The purpose would be to have a group of people working together, in order to dig into Waking Titan as a group.

For those interested, we need to think about how to answer the questions in the survey listed below. We need especially to agree on the free-text answers so that they fit our vision and aim. Please let me know if you’re interested, and if so, give ideas on answers to the questions below.

Name of studio:
How many people:
What type of game to bring to W/RE:
Do you have a publisher:
What platforms is your game released on:
Where are you in development:
Did you see private demo of W/RE at GDC:
Why do you want your game on our platform:
What are killer features of W/RE you see contribute to your game:


I would be up for it


Name of studio: CSD Games

How many people: (=number of people who sign up)

What type of game to bring to W/RE: A Dream Induced Reality Enhacement (also known as The Cause-Effect Reversal Mirror, i.e. a mirror that not only reflects but also emits, thus reversing the usual “from reality to dream” psychological process).

Do you have a publisher: No

What platforms is your game released on: (mark all platforms listed, why not?)

Where are you in development: Alpha

Did you see private demo of W/RE at GDC: Yes

Why do you want your game on our platform: We see an excellent opportunity to increase our market share in Reality Enhancement. Our interest in letting the user be in full subconcious charge of his or her own game would fully utilize our in-game features. This includes neuro-connection with selected synapses of various brain regions in order to maximize the potential of our self-learning procedural algoritm creation. Our in-game seeding parameters are set as per user requests, which are made both conciously (waking state) and subconciously (dream state).

What are killer features of W/RE you see contribute to your game: The access to linear patterned brain waves across the dream cycles enables our core features not only of reality integration but also reality creation, based on extrapolation of brain-wave trends into the future. This would enable premonition and prediction both in sleeping and waking states, and is furthermore a feature which stand-alone subroutine is already being evaluated by psychologists in clinical studies.


that is great @bcatrek ! what a great reply! :hushed:

Should I send the same? how are we going to organize that?

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Hey thanks!
Just letting my head go wild here! :slight_smile:

To answer your question, we need to submit the survey with ONE email adress, so I could for example create a new CSD email account on gmail or wherever, and submit from there once we have decided.


Pinging @Dolnor here, since it was his original idea! :slight_smile:


Head custodial engineer reporting for duty o7


I’m interested! I can give my reply sometime soon


If you guys do this thing, count me in, even if you list me as the cleaning lady :toilet:


Sure. I would fit in as a content consultant and play-tester.

(I also registered my own imaginary studio if it makes a difference.)


Yep. Include me.
Play tester: bug finding devision. :grin:


I’m in - Beta tester please


Very definitely in. Game Writer, please!


I don’t think those questions are for us at all…other real indie devs list WARE as a supported platform on their own website…this is more than WT and NMS. The technology WARE claims to be is obviously nonsense but there appears to be something real behind it and they seem to be looking for real devs. No idea what this actually is but I’d like to know.


We would all like to know. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In the absence of hard evidence, we do what we must to find the answers. :neutral_face: :grin:


If you wanna do that guess they can count me in as well lol


Count me in as a screenplay/story writer and marketing. :smirk:


Sign me up. Storyline and character creation.


Count me in too! Network security consultant. :sunglasses:


Just back from roaming around the city, nice to see so many replies! I’ll make a list of everyone that reported their interest, and reply to the ware survey a little later this evening. Keep’em coming until then!! :slight_smile:

PS: I created an email account for us and will answer the survey for all of us using that email.