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I love this. Terry Pratchett had a plot line about the Tooth Fairy gone bad. She would come in the night, while you were asleep, and take all your teeth. Even though they weren’t due to fall out. Even though you were 45 years old. You would wake up, completely toothless. And sore.

Love it.


I’ll take those, I’m missing most of mine, hahaha


Yes, over 64 years, I’ve lost a few, too.

I have no reason to be friends with the Tooth Fairy.

But, you know, at this age, I find I just have to laugh about it.

Don’t regret the things you didn’t achieve. Enjoy the things you did,

There are places in the world where you are a rich man if you have two goats. Everything is relative.


Bad Tooth Fairy









I created a Google Spreadsheet with all our findings so far (view only), which I intend to update every now and again.

Feel free to check it out below:

Edit: @sheralmyst, would you be so kind to add the spreadsheet to the top post?


They melted and forged stone? That world must have severe metal defficiency! :rofl:


Wow! We have found a lot more than I realized. :clap:

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The thing that is very weird is that I have been digging treasures, but the only items I find are worth 100k+…
Where are my millions!!! :smile:



You weren’t @toddumptious’ music teacher, were you? :grinning:


The funny thing about the anvil, it’s a one note instrument; known as the “one hit” wonder that has yet to produce a one hit wonder. Still, we trudge along in hope.


Conservatoire Director: How can I help you?

Toddumptious: I want to study music here.

Conservatoire Director: What sort of music are you interested in?

Toddumptious: I play the anvil.

Conservatoire Director: Hmmm. An unusual choice, but not unknown. Verdi used anvils in Il Trovatore, and Wagner used 18 specially tuned anvils in Das Rheingold. I presume that’s the sort of thing you’re thinking of?

Toddumptious: No. Mine just goes “Clang”.

Conservatoire Director: I see. Anvils used in musical pieces are usually made by specialists. Is that what you have?

Toddumptious: No. It’s just an anvil. My mate found it clearing out an old blacksmith’s shop in Dollymount.

Conservatoire Director: Right. How about playing technique? - Paradiddles? Flams? Rim shots?

Toddumptious: No. I just hit it. With a hammer.

Conservatoire Director: I understand. And have you composed anything?

Toddumptious: Oh yeah. There’s a piece where I hit it now and then, sort of randomly, you know? That’s called “Some Clangs, Now And Then”.

Conservatoire Director: Anything else?

Toddumptious: Yeah, there’s another one where I hit it a lot. That’s called “A Lot Of Clangs”.

Conservatoire Director: Any more?

Toddumptious: There’s one - I got the idea from John Cage - where I don’t hit it. I just stand there for three minutes. That’s called “No Clangs At All”.

Conservatoire Director: Right. And do you have a name for the style you play?

Toddumptious: Well the anvil weighs 300 pounds. So I call it “Heavy Metal”.

Conservatoire Director: I see. And do you have an audience? A following?

Toddumptious: No. But if people liked it, it wouldn’t be Art, would it?

Conservatoire Director: So true, so true. Tell you what, would you like my job?

Toddumptious: Do I get paid?

Conservatoire Director: Oh yes. Lots, in fact.

Toddumptious: What will you do?

Conservatoire Director: I think I’ll write books everybody raves about, but nobody’s ever actually read.

Toddumptious: Can you do that?

Conservatoire Director: Oh yes. James Joyce got away with it for years. Made a living out of it.

Toddumptious: OK, I’ll do it. Tell you what, on your way out, take this bloody anvil, will you?


Was John Cleese playing the part of the Conservatoire Director for anybody else? :joy:


The mind boggles…



Nothing relieves your anger more than slamming a punching brush around.
No idea about the burn marks! :fire: