Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


I bet it was art created by this guy:

Edit: changed picture for a better image of the artist :wink:


What a weird critter!
I’ve never seen one like that before.


This is probably only funny if you’re British, and don’t like sprouts.

Whenever I put a sprout in my mouth, I am astounded that anybody chooses to eat the things.


Googled sprouts, found this:
Yeah, let’s test the astounding sprout.


Agreed. They taste like grass…yes, I do know what grass tastes like. Don’t ask. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, that was a crazy party:rofl:


Yeah, I remember.

1967, there we were, crashed out on bean bags, Grateful Dead on the stereo, and incense heavy in the air.

Then the door crashed in, and the Feds said “That grass you’re smoking?”

“No, Man, it’s sprouts”.



Horny Mollusc,

The Poison Ivy of NMS.

Dermatologist Required.

Sad Document.


Extensive Exploratory Excavations


Another dig, another dollar.


I would love to see a molllusc with a horn…just wouldn’t want to step on one as I wade in the river. :weary: :laughing:








A couple of weeks ago I was drinking cursed wine. Now it’s Celestial Spirits.

It’s the lack of gravity that’s making me walk unsteadily. Honest.


Well that & the fact it has been kept in “damp and difficult conditions” for 292 years.

Can you see the music Poly? :grin: :peace_symbol:


If Poly can see the music, it might look something like this.


Ha ha. You’re so right. Now my clothes are singing to me.

How can I reply to that?

Maybe this:


Obviously used as part of a ritual offering to the gods of bad dentistry and tooth fairies.