Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


So if you wear the translucent robe, now covered in bugs, does it appear like you are naked and covered in creepy crawlies? Hmm, good find just in time for Halloween.


Nope, just makes me look like I’m worth 674,771u…


Fashion trend for this Fall. :sparkle:


Then this fits right in.



Dig Site.



See, this is why I feel so bad the next day. Not because I drank four bottles of the stuff. It’s because it’s cursed.


I’d not posted here in a while but have found a few more for the collection.
If there are any duplicates let me know. :slight_smile:


I really thought that said Eccentric Bronze Pig and now I’m really sad that it doesn’t :pensive:


Now you point it out…now I’m sad it doesn’t say that either :grin:
More funnies would really add to this game.





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Idle digging on a few afternoons. Some of the descriptions are fun and nicely written HG. Perhaps we’ll have a cabinet to display all these things in our home bases someday. :slight_smile:


First time I seen two of the same thing. So maybe there is a certain number of these and they are not proc gen.


Before you try any of those delicious looking Pondbeam Seeds, you might want to check out what happened to my crew in Log Entry 729


A Jar of Precious Sticks?
I live in woodlands…maybe that’s my million dollar solution. Stuff a few jam jars full of twigs and sell them for millions. :thinking: :laughing:


OOps I think my mysterious cutting and pasting techniques, pasted two armour suits! There is only one sorry @Finnerty.


Ha ha that’s so funny! :slight_smile: And quite terrible for those left behind. I love these little anecdotes from the missions and the emotions they can create. Hopefully the game will be expanded using these anecdotes and become even more absorbing and involving. I hope so.

I am just about to post a HUGE load as they have been building up… I haven’t had time to paste them together to make them readable until now.

Some mineral spiders escaped on board ship causing havok in one of the logs! yikes!