Atlas-65 Archaeological Digs

Calling all Archaeologist, Paleontologists, and Salvagers! Get your mining beams ready! Time to start a new era of discovery!
Please remember to capture the default value of the item.
The spreadsheet will continue where we left off, making it easy to notice any changes or new additions.


I havent noticed anything different with Archaeology yet but I’ll tell you one thing that definitely hasn’t changed.

Dig sites still have that invisible bubble around them that doesn’t experience planetary weather (aesthetically there will be a storm or weather, but no physical repurcussions).

I still like to think well duh, it’s a dig site, gotta protect the specimens from the elements :smirk: hope it never changes.

Currently set up my new starter base on a dig site. I found an old pinion, it is one of a pair but is not functional by itself. 806 years old. Sorry no screenshot, VR is most distracting and still figuring things out with controls. I don’t think there’s a camera mode and I couldnt find the take screenshot button on the move controls :wink:

Pretty sure the old pinion isn’t a new peice. I’ve yet to find any buried bones. Actually, even in my recent pc playthrough I came across very little bones. Is there something I’m forgetting regarding finding buried bones?


Bones are the yellow markers on certain planets. All seems to be the same. I just can’t tag the markers with Xbox controller. Keep having to scan and run to reach my destination. Tiring. Reported the bug.


The group mission robot thing on the Nexus provides missions to collect ancient bones. It will even take you to systems/planets that have them. As sheralmyst said, they show up as yellow markers in your scanning visor.

Its actually a super quick way to earn some cash early in a playthrough. :+1:


My first ancient bones site.

20190828084206_1 20190828084209_1


I found something new.


Oh wow, ancient burials :heart_eyes:

*grabs spade and hops in starship *


If possible, could you check the default value instead of the actual sell price?
I will add it in the sheet regardless, but the value is likely off.

Spreadsheet has been updated and includes a new column to distinguish between NEXT and BEYOND.

Happy digging everyone :inbox_tray: :outbox_tray: = :moneybag:


Oh shoot. I forgot to…:neutral_face:


No biggie, it happens!
I have included a question mark after the sell price shown.

I have seen actual sell price posted by someone before, but that one included the percentage as well, so I could at least calculate to get as close as possible.


More changes to the spreadsheet:

  • Added an extra column for ‘Mutated Genes’ used with Delicate Flora.
  • Added an extra column for the full text of each find.
  • Changed ‘NA’ to ‘-’ in columns Age and Mutated Genes.
  • Moved invisible columns to the left (B and C).
    These are used to create the named urls and not useful to the viewer.

All-in-all, quite a bit of work done, but I like how complete the spreadsheet now is.


This could be totally because of the settings that I use.

This is what I see.


What settings are you referring to and what browser are you using?

From what I see, the columns Value, Age and Mutated Genes are not properly centering the content. The content for those columns starts at the center instead.

The Text column is not wrapping the content, making it fit the column width. Instead it is showing with overflow being visible.

Not sure how this happens, as those settings are created within the source and for as far as I know can not be changed in View Only mode.

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I use the Brave browser and the uMatrix extension. If this isn’t affecting anyone else then there’s no reason to proceed.

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I can not see anything wrong on my end, nor do I see a way to fix it for you. Unless others experience similar issues, I assume it may be your browser or extension causing this. Do you have another browser available to give it a try?

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Excellent suggestion @DevilinPixy .

Here’s Firefox that also uses uMatrix.

So I guess that it’s related to Brave.


Now that looks more like it :+1:

If uMatrix uses the exact same settings with Firefox, I would indeed think it is Brave throwing a fit :wink:


Thank you!

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I just checked the Brave Community reports and noticed quite a few issues with Google Sheets/Docs. Most these topics created are closed automatically after 30 days, without a solid solution. Some reports show similar issues you experience. Feel free to report the issue, or have a look at the topics to see if they provide any help. Hopefully they are aware and working on a solution.

Alignment issue is discussed on their github and marked as solved. Reading through it, it seems they provide a solution, although not sure if wished for:

They reference another github topic more generally about Shield settings. It looks like they are working on solutions, or at least make the user aware that Shield settings may require changing for proper compatibility.

PS: I should probably have started a PM instead :joy:

Back to DIGGING for treasure!


Well, in a couple hundred years digging through ancient code repositories, documentation and issue reports will probably be a field of archeology, so you’re just ahead of the times… :grin: