Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers

Please NO Data-Mining.
The thrill of discovery is what motivates us ( as well as the cash it puts in our pockets ) .
Post your discoveries here and help piece together the ancient past.

To begin this Dig-Dug lifestyle, place out a SIGNAL BOOSTER, insert 1 NAVIGATION DATA and search for Ancient Relics. When you arrive at the coordinates, ask the Ancients for Knowledge of the Past. Once you arrive at your destination, search for chests containing keys. After you have 3 keys, search for a large chest.
Most ruins have a similar layout. Becoming familiar with it will help expedite your search.

At this time there is no known purpose for your discoveries except to sell them for profit. If anyone has other knowledge, please advise.
I would like to thank @MacForADay for inspiring me to dig.

A little more info from @TravelEcho :
1. Only one person in the team can retrieve the each key and contents of the main chest.
I notice there are usually 5-6 keys, so whoever is to open the chest should pick up at least three of them.
2. There are currently NO weather effects, on the grounds of a dig.

Here is a typical dig site.

To find Ancient Bones, look for planets with Ancient Bones. Then scan the horizon for Natural Burial Grounds. Excavate with the TM.

To find Salvage, look for planets with Salvageable Scrap, scan the horizon for a Salvage Container. Excavate with the TM and remove the casings with either the Mining Laser or Boltcaster. Be prepared to face down a Corrupted Sentinel for the loot.


My discoveries to date:

and the best one so far:


I was thinking about making a group for this. I’ve been having a blast digging this stuff up.


It is so much fun! And some of the items are hilarious! :rofl:


Right? “Calcified Shrimp Teeth” :joy:


I got Fossilized Crab Sac… :rofl:

I’m loving this idea. Once my old save is safely useable, this will be a favourite passtime.
I like the way scatterings of technology & trinkets of the past come up all over the place.
It really matches the feel of a cataclysmic alteration of the entire universe, like some of the Atlas Rises fan fictions documented.
Have you guys seen an ‘abandoned system’ yet. They certainly add to the theme…

This time it feels like eons have passed and the tech of before is being found by the distant decendants of the characters we were in the Atlas Rises era.
Very cool. :sunglasses:


Yeah, it’s pretty sweet how deeply buried those ruins are


I got three things from those dig sites. Each one different than the ones posted here. I can’t rememeber what they were but two were seeds and the other had the same image as the “unsealed mementos” but with a different name. I wonder what use they have other than being worth a whole lot.


It would be cool if the seeds could be planted but, I doubt it… Even if you can’t post screenshots, write down all relevant info and post it here.


The artifacts seem to be procedural with a few words that rearrange and varied worth.


Cullgal Nuts
Rare Toadbeam Samples
Swampbeech Seeds
Grimpaper Seeds
Preserved Cone-elder Cuttings
Fossilized Therapod Wings
Toxic Horseplum Nuts


So this could go on forever? :+1:


I found two so far…one was worth half a mil and the second was worth about 180k…which I just deleted as I get more than that from scanning most animals, couldn’t be bothered to have it take up inventory space and then I’d forget to sell it and so on.

I’ve seen people claim to have found items worth 17 and 19 mil but I don’t know if the claims are real or not…still…while it could be good I don’t think it would be worth chasing ruins for a small chance of a top value item when there are better and faster ways to make money. We can craft 18 mil items and with the right upgrades each scanned plant is worth 62k units and animals range from 144k to 414k per scan which can stack the millions a lot faster and more reliably than chasing a ruins location only to have it point you to another ruin and most times you don’t even get a million out of the effort.

It’s nice for the lore and it is great that now ruins have buried treasure…give them more significance than just another plaque without the benefit of pointing you to a portal.


Well that is why we are in it for the Adventure!
We will keep an eye out for those supposed 17-19mil artifacts. Once we have visual proof, we will let everyone know. :wink:




With an old save yes, but when you restart these items are a big help.


So I finally got underway on my first “official” A-65 Archaeological Society Dig.

Was on my home planet, and was a chance find while out scavenging.

It’s interesting that the locks are a sort of Vortex Cube…makes me wonder if the Vortex Cubes we find in caves are the equivalent of discarded padlocks…?

Ahh… the booty! **Heeling Eggs with a value just under half a million.


This is the kind of additions I love in games. Created for a reason, a surprise, a mystery, and a laugh…all in one! -)

I have a new purpose to my NMS existence! Thanks for revealing/creating this thread! -)



Some of my archaeological findings. HG if you’re reading this please make trophy and book shelves we can put these on using the models in the images and when investigated in base, it will give descriptor. I need a museum in my base pronto!!


Throw some better description generation in there and I’ll be getting dwarf fortress vibes! :smile: