Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


The delicate musical spade looks like one of the temporary frigate upgrades (I think the exploration boosting one).

Also, keep those nuts away from your storage containers! :wink:


So these are items that are only meant to be sold, yeah? wow 500k :open_mouth:


I can not wait to get back to my base and try these on! :kissing_heart:


be sure to lock the door, to avoid any… awkward moments. :rofl:


This is fantastic! I’ve been enjoying theses digs myself. I’m not sure if I took any photos. Will have to um… dig to see.

But two things:

1. Only one person in the team can retrieve the each key and contents of the main chest.
I notice there are usually 5-6 keys, so whoever is to open the chest should pick up at least three of them.


2. There are currently NO weather effects, on the grounds of a dig.

Mal and I were on an extreme radiation planet with completely occluding radioactive dust storms. But on the dig, there wasn’t even a shield bar. A balmy weather-free day. Step off the perimeter, however…

(feel free to add these to your original post if you like, @sheralmyst.)


I have some potentially bad news…it seems like the high value artifacts some people mentioned such as 17 mil and 20 mil were because of a typo and that HG patched them in 1.52 so that now their value can only go up to 2 mil instead. This would be a real shame if real as it would essentially take out the reward worth out of these quests.


Best I’ve had is just under 1 million.


Their prices were a bit ridiculous glad they fixed it. The current prices are still amazing!!!


Ridiculous? The best S class freighter costs about 500 million, an S class 48 slot hauler ~126 million(not to mention the other five ships in a respectable ship collection), a fleet of 30 frigates that aren’t total garbage will also cost a few hundred million…a rare chance for a 20 mil item as it stands isn’t even worth the effort…a half mil or lower item is barely worth the bother to be carried to the space station or trade terminal to be sold…how in bloody hell is a small chance of 20 million ridiculous? At that rate you’d need to sink ungodly numbers of hours into making a sum of money for anything remotely decent that you can say you’re not looking to trade away anymore…one of those big drops would barely get you a bloody multitool and would be close to getting you a good exotic if you strike the luck to run into one that isn’t total garbage as a lot of exotics are. Really not much there…a small chance for 20 million is basically laundry money in NMS…very small pickings.


Can’t you stop thinking in “very high level” ? With my old save 1M is nothing (even 20 in fact), but for all the players who restart, finding a 1M item is great. 34 slots S freighter, 48 S haulers are very long term objective, not a due to players in few hours of gameplay.
So yeah, 20M for an “easy” found item was ridiculous, 18M crafted item need much more to earn that money.


You couldn’t get there in a few hours regardless…the high value items had a small chance of dropping…it’s not like you were guaranteed 20 mil items…hell a small chance for a 20 mil item…it would still take way too many hours to make 100 mil…and having the money is a small part of the battle…it’s not like these ships and freighters and so on just show up on demand either. Having that money just means you have a small chance that you MIGHT have something good in 100 hours of gameplay…one good thing.


From my most recent archaeological survey from my new permadeath playthrough. This stone cleaver might get me out of a pinch if it doesn’t crumble to dust in my hand.

The oldest and most expensive peice I’ve found. Such a shame to sell this dazzling fancy-mans clever, no doubt owned by a Vy’keen with a penchant for all things SHINEY!

@DarthTrethon combine that with all the other unique new ways there are to make money in the game and its not that hard to get there now without portal farming. I’m already on 200 million on permadeath save six hours in, I’m on 100 million on a normal save two hours in but that was thanks in part to a random join thay turned out to be super friendly, helped me pick eggs from around abandoned building and then when I took shelter to use real life bathroom, I came back to see theye had gifted me All the eggs they picked up :cry: :sob: people = not shit, someone needs to notify Slipknot!!

Edit: @DarthTrethon below (so I don’t spam posts on the discussion)

I used it as an example, I didn’t think id have to mention the multiple missions and upgrades etc I have on top of that also earning me units as I go , though I alluded to it by mentioning all the new ways to make money in my post.

Just playing the game freely without thinking about making bank, makes you a lot of money now and you also get to enjoy a variety in gameplay by approaching this method. I wasnt there just to collect eggs, I had a primary mission to do there and ended up just having fun with that guy shooting bio horrors and collecting eggs.


Picking eggs lmao…early game maxing out your scanner asap will have you set up quite well…a lot better than the bloody eggs.


Is it this archaeologists birthday? It must be! Found beside some ancient ruins, a single marker leading to two. Feel like I found the fabled four leaf snappy


Had to close my eyes and hold my nose to dig up that one.
Not sure what to say about this one.


@sheralmyst I’d still eat it :meat_on_bone:


I wanted to play too



So, I just recently finished the missions for my farmer. The extra mission he sent me on was to collect gamma weed, which was conveniently full grown right there in my base. When I turned it in he gave me this as a reward:

Experimental Improvements

In the field: some random finds and some at dig sites. I thought the GLASS interface was interesting…