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My latest dig was unsuccessful


Two more for the records. The first one came from my farmer.


This isn’t exactly ancient archeology, but it does involve digging stuff up.

I found a super-conductor in a crashed freighter yesterday. Those things are worth 2 million. So it seems digging for freight containers can be financially just as rewarding as digging for artifact crates. Though, admittedly, nowhere near as cool.


Given the depth burried & the overgrowth on the wrecked freighters, they could be very old too.
Digging for treasure is fun no matter where it is.
Having to have an arsenal of materials on you for potential unlocking requirements is not so fun. Makes it hard early on with limited capasity.


Did somebody say ancient historical vykeen artifacts with typos?!?!

"… made by priceless… "

Knowing the Vy’keen they’re probably potions for strength and vigor… Vy’agra? :smirk:




Awesome! I have a really hard time blowing my nose in my exosuit. This is great news! :grin:


Sneezing in a helmet is always a bad experience
:triumph: :face_vomiting:


Toothleaf? Perhaps it’s related to snappies… :thinking:





Bring on the Schnitzel, then! :smile:


FYI, I routinely use the Real Life version of a cooking hammer…meat tenderizer. I guess a delicate version would be for the really expensive versions of meat…where you address it politely and humbly before lightly tapping it…and it must sit on a plate of your finest china which rests on a lace doily! -)

Whilst I realize that these items titles are procedurally generated, I wonder if the descriptions are also created the same? They look much more individually created and plugged into the object description. I’ll have to create a spreadsheet and keep track to see if there is any pattern. -)



Not looking…:expressionless: I prefer to be surprised. :smiley:


It is only listing the ones shown in this thread…no surprises. -)



Now how did they know about my computer?


I feel like I have carried this about for 862 years and finally managed to post it to the list :slight_smile:


I ended up digging a lot of these artifacts because I want to max my reputation with all the guilds and they’re easy missions to get done quickly. So here’s my contribution to this thread: