Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


There’s missions for these? Haven’t seen those yet…


Yeah, on the mission boards at the space stations…the description says “find 3 ancient keys” but there’s more to it than that. The mission immediately marks a plaque for you…you go there and trade 25 mordite for the location of a treasure ruin. Once there you have to dig up 3 keys, then the mission tells you to find and unlock the big chest…after you have the treasure you have to go to a trade outpost terminal to transmit your success…where you can also conveniently sell the newly found treasure…and then you report back to the space station to close out the mission.


@DarthTrethon Hmm…
That’s one artifact that you probably shouldn’t display. :wink:


Two more for your list.


I don’t recall seeing this one yet. I went back through the previous posts, didnt see it.



Found the cheapest dig so far I think


Why are people always undervaluing my toenail clippings?! :joy:


Its the pungent that kills the value :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Flea… Parsley



I guess business wasn’t going very well…



I’d built up about forty(hyperbole) photos intended to be posted here when I realised I should probably do that soon before it becomes too much to manage.

So I took any from the last week or so to share and I noticed I had some other images that, technically, fit the archaeological bill so thought I’d share them and maybe kick start a new branch of photos here, those of ancient scripture unearthed at monoliths that may very well be older than time.

_20180828_140412 _20180828_140437 _20180828_140518 _20180828_140457

And now for something completely different but still archaeological in a sense… (these were just for screens 1. 5 thread but I think they fit better here)






“Shows inventive drive in a raw and early form”… a mere 740 years ago? Wasn’t everybody already shooting stuff up all over the galaxy at that time? I guess they didn’t need much inventiveness to build spaceships… :smile: