NMS pernamently in beta! lol

A crouch to try to hide so to be noticed less would be nice like in skyrim and fallout. Also hiding under ground doesn’t always work. They come through the terrain and some times you get projected up while digging. Run! But not to far or you run into another patrol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hang in there @zsigmond! To be honest, I nearly gave out just trying to complete the basic base building quests so I could get to playing the game. Once they were finally done, I began to settle into the game quite nicely. I am really enjoying it now. I still encounter things that irritate me, like the fact that I kept spending nanites on mods for my rifle only to find they had ricochet and I was dead, once again…anyway, things are smoothing out for me. There is a lot to love in NEXT. :grinning:


no it has not been the case all the time, sentinels would move on a path you could determine, now they POP up out of the ground, creatures … lol … i’ve never seen so many want to eat me … lol Sean said that is what the tester said was waht they wanted … when he used that as the explanation to the criticism … which was total BS … he thinks this is a great version, the more i play it, at low level the more i dislike it, wife will not even play it due to the changes, she has started over 3 times and is not doing it again, so much for the PS4 version being used. Please enjoy, and be safe.


grenades button is bad bad bad, it needs to be change back, lol, ya dont know how many times at a trading post i’ve died, hitting the right mouse button and launching a grenade into the terminal. lol


so now there are “KEYS” in the game, we playing Mario?
I have 3 keys. wasting space in my inventory!!!
What are they for?

Drop Pods are BS!!!

Sean really knows how to F’up NMS

Another thing, went to a planet it was a water world, departed and came back and it is opposite.
Is that to be blamed on EMILY?

Last thing for the night … :slight_smile:

a beacon gives me a settlement off planet, then why the hell is the beacon on this planet?
Stupid stupid stupid


Use the keys to make some units

As for the water, you will find the variety of terrain per planet increased. Instead os each planet being the same all over, it seems many planets now have an ocean side. A very deep ocean at that.

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Keys open crates buried at those ruins. Scanner and terrain manipulator are now top tools.

Jot down the things that open debris pods & drop pods and carry what you need. Alternatively get rich and buy a suit slot at each space station you warp to.

Being sent to other planets & other systems is very common. It keeps on going too.

No idea why your water world change happened.


they can only go so deep!!! lol


MAD-HATTER that is why NMS sucks NOW.
You can not get space upgrades from drop pods,

ya I realize how it is, Sean statement was to tell all the players, fans, etc before the NEXT update
that Him and HG did not, does not, care or are concern for us, ideas, etc.

You can get exosuit space upgrades from drop pods
Always needed tech to reach different colored systems

And they have kept and added too many things for me to list that the community wanted

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Okay. Very deep for a suit with no upgrades for diving…:sweat_smile:

Hi Ziggy.

The game changed a lot with NEXT. If you start a new game (I have two new ones on the go at the moment}, it can be a bit strange at first, because there are new rules. You can’t play it exactly the way you did before - lots of old techniques don’t work any more.

But I promise you, with a little bit of practice, everything you could do in the old game is also achievable in NEXT - and a whole lot more, besides.

You just need to let go of the rules you learned for 1.3 and before, understand that it’s a new game design, and accept that you need to learn the new rules.

Once you do that, it all comes together pretty quickly, and much of it is actually easier than it was in 1.3.

Stop trying to play the old rules, learn the new ones, and it’s all still there.


Rule #1, backup your saves, regularly! … lol


Rule #2. Back-up your back-ups. :grin:


Rule #3, remember where you saved your backups.


but it cost things that beginners do not have, no the community did not want, SEAN did, piss ant he is

@Polyphemus, my rant and raving is not from just jumping into the game and making noise. I have been playing since this version came out.
restarted half a dozen times,

and finally told the game to stop the questing.
so far so good.

The main problem i’m having is the NPC spacecrafts trying to hit me while I am walking the planet!

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Ok, I see that it is only your opinion you value - feel free to continue without me.

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NPC spacecraft are shooting at you while on the planet? How do I unlock that feature? I want in on the fun too! :smile:

My long-winded take on the changes that have arrived since NEXT, is that the game is as good as it ever was in the previous updates. Better in many ways.

It can be hard to let go of things you become familiar with, like old ways of doing things, but any changes are well worth perservering with because HG are steadily creating a more balanced game play.

Introducing new things inevitably will cause some ripples until they are absorbed into an established way of doing things. Storage GUI for example is far superior to previous updates and has been greatly expanded. Now we have exocar improvements. Finding drop pods and other things is now easier by building an exocar and using their navigation scanners. There are so many more ways of doing things but I am finding that by using every tool the game has to offer, I realise that is the best way to approach the game. There is now a raft of methods and ways to play the game and all have carefully thought mechanics to make things easier. So stick with things as eventually I hope they will be as absorbing to you as the first two years of the game.

Gone are nanite recipe vendors, now we have walk in space station foyers and so on. Remember the game without the quick menu? After initially going uh oh, now I use it all the time.

As for beasties back on planets again I am so pleased they are. Just like old times. I was killed in two swipes yesterday unexpectedly whilst preparing to take a photo lol. My fault, as it was a reminder my lives had been on two and I had needed to ‘refill’ them. Personally I kill as few as possible unless I must for a quest, though I try not to do those quests. Maybe that’s why most are friendly to me lol.

Curiously the two Beastie species that had me laughing and kept running after me, ironically are named after… @zsigmond and @Mad-Hatter … .and can be found on EDISON in ETARCIA ECSD (Euclid)… our Capital planet. Not a creature was harmed in the taking of these photos… I’m sure they were friendly before the NEXT update :slight_smile: lol

Yes I too have blown myself up accidently. Again though that was me being lazy. Most of the time it makes me laugh. It is now possible to set up custom buttons or keys to suit the way you play. Easier though is to just swap to the shield or scope and check it is active from the onscreen prompt.
I have adapted and now remember to check, so far less funny moments…

I have the grenade on recoil which is really useful bouncing into Sentinel Walkers etc from a distance. Once you give yourself time to adapt to new methods the new GUI updates make sense. There will always be improvements but they do not seem to be done without thought. The grenade can end Biological Horrors with a single blow and also first responder sentinels.

Most of the updates and changes have given me more variety in the way I play the game.

I like you have been venturing across galaxies and do feel a bit frustrated that portal travel has now been throttled until Galaxy travel is properly introduced. Portals are better used as a unique transport method and we can now all return to travelling using warp cells and black holes to getting around. I’m certain another travel method will eventually be introduced to make galaxy hopping possible. I personally don’t think Galaxy hopping should be too easy to achieve anyway.

After all, just one galaxy is plenty enough for millions of years of gameplay without meeeting anyone. So portal travel ought to be pretty special somehow. Or even dangerous. I still think black holes ought to be more dangerous than they are currently. Heck it IS a fearsome black hole after all!! For me anyway I am glad I have a reason to use them again to get about.

I was grumbling a bit that all the travel destinations and discoveries I had named, had changed with updates. That IS one thing I hope can be avoided another time. However a lot of people are less forgiving as it easy to forget the design approach to the game is procedural. I then thought I am not the only one it affected, everyone was affected by the changes. What I then remembered was at least the portal addresses discovered haven’t changed. So all is not lost I hopefully will one day revisit those destinations when I can return to previous galaxies, particularly Euclid. A new normal save though does allow me to try to re-trace old journeys :slight_smile:
It has also been fun to experience starting a new game and learning about all the changes. Well worth doing.

I think the updates are gradually making the game fairer to play, which is important if multiplayer is to work well. Freighters and fleets are so much fun a really welcome update. I’m excited to see where that goes!

Tip on Ancient Keys. There’s no need to carry any keys until you need to. Every ruin that currently has a chest to open also has enough keys scattered around it, not far away. You will need to scan for them and a Terrain Manipulator to dig them up. When you have the three needed leave the remainder and open the chest.

One of my few grumbles is that the ‘player fan base’ call for ringed planets has resulted in EVERY system having a ringed planet. I wish they were fewer and more special. The surprise has gone. Why do we need SO many? Don’t get me started on player home bases… :slight_smile: