Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


Well, I don’t really see much difference to a triangle… :smile:


Rimshots might be a wee bit difficult for - ba-dum-tish - lack of a rim!
And no, that ba-dum-tish is not a rim shot, despite apparently half the world calling it that. I’ll never get where that particular misnomer originated.


It’s possible to over-think things, you know. :grinning:




A plant that steals for a living? After paralyzing the victim? I see profit…:smile:


The perfect base defense system… It paralyzes intruders and steals their units. :dollar: :dollar:


This clearly disproves the old adage that money doesn’t grow on trees.

However, with inflation, harvesting may not be work the effort.



I guess you could use that description for raspberries. They grow over longer stretches overland to then dig into the ground again and form new roots, supplanting whatever grew there before by competing for its nutrients in the ground while cutting of its sunlight on the surface by growing over it. Hmmm, I guess “conquest” might be a better descriptor.

Well, it wouldn’t have grown there, exactly… :wink:








I wonder if the number of mutated genes is going to be something of importance one day?



LOST NERVEFLAX POLLEN looks to be the new ‘cheapest’ find so far at 100,264 U.

PS: I updated the Spreadsheet once more. Considering to add columns for the description, mutated genes, and possibly additional notes. What do you all think, wished for?


Treasures from the deep, long-sunk ruins. Yarrr!


Time for this society to get its feet wet, there be plunder in The Abyss!

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I initially read that as “Bouillon”… Was all “why would anyone want soup that’s been in the water for 600 years??” :smile:


Have you ever come across traditional Norwegian food?

They have a kind of rotten tinned fish. It smells so bad, you have to open it under water. Really.

600 year-old bouillon is nothing compared to Viking cuisine. No wonder they travelled so far. 1,000 miles in an open boat must have been better than eating at home.


Perfect Eggs, sunny side up, please! :yum:


I have been following a trail left behind through the cracks of time, uncovering a tale from a primary source which may give our studies further insight.

I will publish my findings from this expedition soon, I believe I nearly have all the peices. I shall of course be delivering my report with great discretion, I fear what this knowledge could become in the wrong hands, or who may be driven mad by happenstance.

For now here are photo of my most recent encounter with… It.

Edit: Psst, findings published here